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Camp Granada Internships

Camp Granada internships are available for high school students who participate in band, choir, or orchestra. All internships are volunteer (un-paid). Hours that you serve may be applied to volunteer or community-service requirements of Beta Club, Honor Society, or other school or church-based organizations. For graduating seniors, internship hours may also be applied to TN Promise community service requirements. Applications are accepted until all positions are filled. Additional information and application are provided below. If you have additional questions, contact tthe Community School of the Arts as csa@apsu.edu or 931.221.7034.



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How will I Benefit as a Camp Granada Intern?

A camper creates her own version of Van Gogh's Starry Night during connections class. As an intern, you will participate in a rewarding, life-changing week of musical interaction with elementary school students. Internship positions were created so that high schoolers who may be considering careers as professional musicians, classroom or music teachers, or other child-centered professions, may gain pre-college first-hand experiences in their chosen field. Internships will also help you earn credit for most high school clubs and programs that require volunteer or community service points, and may also be applied to TN Promise requirements (graduating seniors only). As an intern, you will also be able to connect with professional musicians and music educators, and senior-level college students so that you can gain some first-hand insight into various music and education career fields. 


When Will I Work?

There are four camp sessions and each session runs from 9am to 2pm, Monday through Friday. Interns are asked to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of camp, and to stay 15 minutes after. Interns are only required to work one week but may work extra weeks if available. You will be asked to provide your availability on the Intern Application. The 2017 sessions will be announced in early Spring.



What Will my Duties be if I am Hired?

The camp schedule is outlined below. In each session, interns will fulfill different duties.

Overview   of Duties



In the morning Break-out sessions, campers are divided into age groups and rotate through a series of small-group classes that are led by Instructors. Interns sit with campers to make sure all campers are participating, understand the lesson content, and are behaving appropriately.

Game Director’s  Assistants


In the afternoon Game Time, campers are divided into teams that compete in p.e.-style activities that teach musical concepts. The Game Director organizes all activities while Interns help to manage equipment (set-up games while the Director explains activities to the campers), and ensure campers’ safety during play.

Team Leaders


Throughout the day, team leaders will work directly with campers in a variety of capacities:

  • Lunch: Sit with campers during lunch, interact with children, monitor behaviors
  • Break-out Sessions: Walk small groups of campers to their next activity while Instructors set-up for the next group
  • Game-Time: Coach small groups of campers who have been assigned to a team to ensure camper safety and that all campers understand the rules of the games.

Administrative  Assistants


Interns may be asked to fulfill other, administrative tasks (making copies, preparing lesson materials, help with registration, check-in or check-out, delivering materials to a classroom, etc…)

Other Duties

Interns are asked to participate in the full camp environment of Camp Granada, including the camp songs and other traditions of the program.

How Many Volunteer Hours Will I Earn?

Preference will be given to interns who can work one full week. Interns who work an entire week will receive 30 hours of volunteer service (5 ½ hours each day plus a 2 ½ hour training session). No credit will be given for hours missed due to tardiness or absences. Interns who agree to work but fail to satisfactorily fulfill all requirements will not be given credit for hours worked. 


Process, Timeline, and Deadlines

There are a maximum of five internships available for each session. If you would like to apply for a Camp Granada Internship position:

  1. Complete the application below and submit the completed form as an e-mail attachment to csa@apsu.edu. All applications must be typed and post-marked by April 25. Incomplete applications, and applications received after the deadline will not be considered.
  2. Once your application is received, your references may be contacted and you may be invited to the APSU campus to participate in a brief interview with the Camp Director.
  3. Final decisions will be made and announced by May 15. We are unable to reply to phone calls, e-mails, or other inquiries from unsuccessful applicants asking for justifications or defense of the decisions that were made. Successful applicants will receive an internship packet containing additional information. Finally, in compliance with official policy, all interns will be required to complete a Tennessee Bureau of Investigation criminal background check before working with minors.
  4. At the end of the summer, a letter will be sent to your administrator or sponsor certifying your volunteer service. You will also receive a copy of this letter for your personal records.


Click here for a printable version of the contents of this page
Click here  for a downloadable internship application