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If you were unable to join us for the 2017 summer we hope to see you next summer. For the 2018 season, the APSU General Session will be held at Madison Street United Methodist church due to anticipated construction in our usual building. Dates and registration information will be posted in early spring 2018.

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What is Camp Granada

Each summer, lives of children across the country are changed forever through the powerful impact of summer camps. However, while sports camps abound in great numbers, there are few summer camp opportunities for children interested in music. Camp Granada began from a desire to fill that void, and to offer the same kind of life-changing, character building summer camp experience to young musicians that is more commonly offered in other areas. Camp Sessions in Clarksville are sponsored by the APSU Music Education program in partnership with the CMCSS school system. This cooperation was developed to benefit the music programs in local elementary schools, by using Camp Granada as a fund-raising opportunity for the music programs in campuses that host a camp session.

If you are new to Camp Granada, I hope this video (below) gives you an idea about what we do at camp. This video features highlights of the 2017 season "Kids at Work"


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In cultures around the world, music has been a central part of work from the beginning of time. There are records of songs that sailors sang to lift heavy sails in unison, songs that railroad workers sang to hammer together, cowboy songs to herd cattle, and many other examples. This year’s theme will teach campers about many types of work songs from different cultures, and other ways people have used music to do a job, pass the time during work, or just to make a tedious job a little more fun.

 We hope you enjoy these highlights of our 2016 season.