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Request a Letter of Recommendation

Applicants should request letters of recommendation from an academic advisor or other appropriate people who have adequate knowledge of your academic potential. You will need to submit this form once for each recommender who you are requesting a letter of recommendation from.

Note:  Please inform your recommender that they will be receiving this form and to check their "spam" and/or "junk" email folder.

Information About the Applicant
Information About the Recommender
The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 provide access to educational records and permit the candidate the right to review and inspect this evaluation and to challenge its contents. The Act also permits the candidate to waive his/her right of access to confidential statements obtained with respect to an application for admission or employment. By submitting this request for an electronic letter of recommendation, you waive your right to access this evaluation. If you do not wish to waive your right to access this evaluation, please use the paper copy of this form linked above.