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Sustainability Certificate

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APSU is committed to providing a quality education that empowers graduates to obtain careers in a multitude of areas that appreciate sustainable philosophies/practices. Nationwide, sustainable practices in construction, agriculture, waste removal and recycling, factories, and much more are at the
very core of best practices. This new graduate certificate is unique to public education in middle Tennessee.

The graduate certificate in sustainability focuses on developing a student's ability to identify and analyze real-world environmental problems and to propose practical sustainable solutions to those problems through interdisciplinary learning acquired in completing courses in Geography, Agriculture, Biology, and Sustainability. Through this interdisciplinary approach to learning, student will also gain an understanding of the impact human activity has on ecosystems and the planet regarding sustainable and unsustainable resources.

Why complete a certificate in Sustainability?  Upon completion, students will be able to:

Students will complete this 9-hour on-campus program by taking three courses throughout Agriculture, Biology and Earth and Environmental Science. Completion of this certificate will allow students to transition directly into the Master of Biology, if desired.  

Students will complete this 9-hour program by taking 2 required courses and 1 elective:

Admission Requirements

Interested in applying to this program? View the criteria for admission to graduate programs offered in APSU's Graduate Bulletin.  To apply for admission, click here

To learn more about this program, contact:

Dr. Jack Deibert, Professor | Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Email: deibertj@apsu.edu

Phone:  (931) 221-1009