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Academic Honors and Awards Committee


Membership 2015-2016:
  • Amy Hamlin, Faculty Representative (Chair)

  • Lynne Crosby, Asst. Provost/Asst. VP Academic Affairs (ex officio)

  • Tammy Cunningham, Staff Representative (ex officio)
  • Greg Singleton, Dean, Student Affairs (ex officio) 

  • Gary Stewart, Faculty Representative

  • Barbara Peterson, Faculty Representative

  • Norbert Puszkar, Faculty Representative

  • Tamara Smithers, Faculty Representative

  • Ben Ntatin, Faculty Representative

  • Carrie Brennan, Faculty Representative

  • Dan Meyer, Faculty Representative

  • James Prescott, Faculty Representative

  • Gina Garber, Faculty Representative

  • Stephanie Newport, Faculty Representative

  • Gina Garber, Faculty Representative 

  • Shondell Hickson, Faculty Representative

  • Jammie Cox, Staff Representative (ex officio)

  • Doug Austin, Staff Representative (ex officio)

  • Tammy Delvendahl, Staff Representative (ex officio)

            The committee has the responsibility for planning the Academic Honors and Awards Day activities related to the students.  In addition, this committee will determine what honors and awards will be given, and it will develop and implement the program for these events.  The committee will consult with the president and assist the president and provost in the implementation of these programs.

If you have questions, concerns or would like more information about the Honors and Awards Committee, please contact:  

                         Amy Hamlin