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Financial Aid and Scholarships Appeal Board Committee

Membership: 2 Faculty, 2 Staff, faculty athletics representative, Division of Alumni, Engagement and Philanthropy representative, and 2 ex officio (executive director of student financial aid and scholarships, representative from athletics)

Terms of Service: Members will serve a one-year term.

Description: This appeal board hears the following appeals:

  1. Those cases where students do not maintain appropriate grades to retain their scholarships. If students believe there has been an extenuating circumstance, they may appeal to the board in an effort to retain the scholarship.

  2. Those cases where students that are participating in the College Work-Study Program appeal decisions relative to their appointments to work positions.

  3. Those cases where students wish to appeal the non-renewal of athletic aid. This committee will meet when the director of financial aid deems it is appropriate or when a student files an appeal with the director.

The director of financial aid serves as a resource person.

Please Note, this committee may meet during the summer.

(Approver: Provost/SVPAA)

2024-2025 Membership:

Name Title Department/Area Service Term
Misty Ring-Ramirez Faculty, CoBHS Sociology and Community Development 2024-2025
Cindy Taylor Faculty, CoSTEM Biology 2024-2025
Ajay Thompson Student Success Director
Academic Advisement 2024-2025
Elizabeth Harrison International Student Coordinator
International Recruiting 2024-2025
Jennifer Thayer Faculty, Athletic Representative Accounting, Finance, and Economics Permanent
Kimberly Adkison Senior Director of Donor Relations and Scholarship University Advancement 2024-2025
Randi Robinson, Chair Executive Director Student FInancial Aid Permanent
ex officio
Tara Pfeifler Patterson Associate Director Compliance and Eligibility Services
(Athletics Representative)
Athletics ex officio