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Credit Hour Steering Committee

Membership: Senior Vice Provost and AVP Academic Affairs (chair), Curriculum Coordinator, 3 faculty from different colleges (1 Faculty Senate appointee and 2 others appointed by Provost), 1 Graduate Faculty (appointed by Graduate Academic Council), Department Chair (appointed by Provost), Dean (appointed by Provost), Distance Education (appointed by Director of Distance Education), Executive Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships, Vice Provost for Enrollment & Student Achievement & Registrar, Associate Director of Admissions(appointed by Provost).

Term of service for Faculty Senate Appointee will be one year, for up to three years. (If a Faculty Senate Executive Committee member is appointed selected, the term would be for one year. If a new Faculty Senator is selected, their term could be one three-year term). The term for the other Faculty, Graduate Faculty, Department Chair, and Dean shall be three years.

Description: The Credit Hour Steering Committee develops guidelines and resources to support APSU Credit Hour policy (2:064), which aligns with SACSCOC Policy and US Department of Education regulations. The Credit Hour Steering Committee oversees the credit hour reviews conducted at the University, analyzes the results of the reviews, and makes recommendations to academic departments, the University Curriculum Committee, and the Office of Academic Affairs.  In addition, the committee advises the Office of Academic Affairs on the process by which syllabi will be reviewed per the Credit Hour Policy (2:064)

(Approver: Provost/SVPAA)

2022-2023 Membership:

Name Area Department Service Term*
Tucker Brown, Chair Senior Vice Provost and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs Academic Affairs ex officio
Jasmine O'Brien Academic Affairs Academic Affairs ex officio
Susan Cockrell Faculty, CoB Accounting, Finance and Economics 2020-2023
John Blake Faculty, CoSTEM Engineering Technology 2020-2023
Michelle Robertson Faculty, CoBHS School of Nursing 2020-2023
Jackie Vogel Graduate Faculty, CoSTEM Mathematics and Statistics 2020-2023
Nicole Knickmeyer Chair, CoBHS Psychological Science and Counseling 2020-2023
Prentice Chandler Dean, CoE CoE 2022-2025
Loretia Duncan Coordinator of Distance Education Programs Distance Education 2022-2025
Catherine Winn Associate Registrar Office of the Registrar ex-officio
Donna Price Executive Director Student Financial Aid & Scholarships ex-officio
Nancy KingSanders VP/Student Achievement Vice Provost for Enrollment and Student Achievement & Registrar ex-officio
Tracy Comer Associate Director Admissions 2022-2025

*Appointment is September through August
If you have questions, concerns or would like more information about the Credit Hour Steering Committee, please contact:

Tucker Brown, Chair
Email: brownt@apsu.edu