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Community Activities Committee

Membership 2015-2016:

  • Carol Clark, Dir. Business/Community Relations (Chair)
  • William Brooks, Faculty Representative
  • Kathryn Woods, Faculty Representative
  • Eleanor Jator, Faculty Representative
  • Sara Gotcher, Faculty Representative
  • Rebecca McMahan, Faculty Representative
  • Kadi Bliss, Faculty Representative
  • Brittney Herron, Staff Representative
  • Amber Button, Staff Representative
  • Christopher Euman, Staff Representative
  • Marlies McKnight, Staff Representative
  • Kimberly Morrow, Staff Representative
  • Stephen Dominy, Staff Representative
  • Kelsey Zadick, Student Representative
  • Drew Large, Student Representative
  • Alexander Wills, Staff Representative

The committee has the responsibility for planning activities that will bring the university community together in a common effort beneficial to the community in which we live. The committee shall encourage participation from staff, faculty and students. Recommendations regarding community service activities should be directed to the committee chair.

If you have questions, concerns, or would like more information about the Community Activities Committee, please contact:

Carol Clark