Physical Geology lecture (Geol 1040w) and lab (Geol 1041w) Online--Winter session
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2017-2018 Winter Term

Physical Geology Online

Physical Geology lecture (Geol 1040w) and lab (Geol 1041w)



Here you will find information about materials that you will need for the online APSU winter session courses Physical Geology lecture (Geol 1040) and lab (Geol 1041).


What will you need for the lecture?

The only thing that you will need for the lecture is this text book: Physical Geology by  Plummer, Carlson, and Hammersly, 2016, 15th edition,  (published by McGraw-Hill). Here are pictures of the book:

geology 1040 textbook

You will need to start using this book when the class begins on December 16thIt is important that you get the 15th edition of this book because you will be using it as your primary source of learning and will be doing problems specific to this edition.  The book store will have the APSU custom edition of this textbook, which only contains chapters that we use on campus and it is sold at a reduced price.  If you have purchased a copy of the full version elsewhere, that is okay too—it just contains more chapters. Also, if you prefer an ebook, or are late in registering for this class and need a book now, you can visit to purchase an ebook.


What will you need for the lab?

In the lab (Geol 1041) you will be doing hands-on exercises related to the topics covered in lecture.  We will provide you with downloadable tutorials and short instructional videos to help guide you through the labs.

However, in addition to the textbook mentioned above, you will need to check out  a rock kit and a mineral kit from the APSU main campus library in Clarksville. You will be borrowing and returning the kits to the library (at no cost to you). Once you have enrolled, these kits will be ready for you to check out beginning Friday December 1st. If you live far away from Clarksville please contact Corina Ravenscraft in the library to arrange to have the kits shipped to you a little earlier (phone: 931-221-7193;

Please check out your kits before before Saturday December 16th, which is the first day of class.  You will need the kits to start a lab exercise on the first day of class (Click here to find out when the library is open).  When you go to the library you will check out both kits at the same time and they will be due back at the library on January 13th.

Here is a picture of the rock and mineral kits that you will check out:

picture of rock and mineral kits

If you have any questions or concerns about this course please contact Dr. Phyllis Camilleri or Dr. Jack Deibert