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Historical Geology Online

 Fall 2020 

Historical Geology lecture (Geol 1050w) and lab (Geol 1051w)



Here you will find information about materials that you will need for the online APSU courses Historical Geology lecture (Geol 1050) and lab (Geol 1051).


 Are there any prerequisites for this course?

There are no prerequisites for this course.  It is assumed that you have not taken a course in geology.


What type of course is this?

This is a traditional online course designed for working adults who need to work on the course independently.  In this course, individual students will utilize the textbook, lecture notes and short videos created by the instructor, and practice exercises to learn the course material. In addition, there will be required participation in the discussion board for the lecture part of the course.  Both the lecture and lab part of the course will have required quizzes.

Please note that if you prefer a more traditional learning experience, there is another section of this course that you may take instead.  This option is a hybrid  version with online and face to face components in a more structured setting.  It will be possible to take this course online, but it will require that you attend class virtually and it will operate much like a traditional course.

What will you learn in this course?

The Historical Geology course is focused on understanding how the Earth has evolved over time, in short, you will learn about the interconnected physical, chemical, and biological changes that the Earth has experienced since it formed around ~4.6 billion years ago. Fundamentally, you will learn that it is what we can see in the rocks that tells us the story of the earth.  In this course, you will learn how to “read the rocks.”  You will learn, for example, how the rocks can tell us:

Picture of Clarksville fossils



The fossils in rocks also tell us that very, strange, fascinating creatures once existed on earth, but they have no living relatives today. Some examples of extinct creatures that you will come across in this class are:

What will you need for the lecture?

The required text is Stanley and Luczaj, 2015, 4th edition, Earth System History (published by Freeman). This book must be acquired and used for this course. It is not possible to complete the course without the textbook. Here is a picture of the book:

Picture of Historical geology text bookYou will need to start using this book when the class begins on August 24th.  It is important that you get the 4th edition of this book because you will be using it as your primary source of learning and will be doing problems specific to this edition.  If you prefer an ebook, or are late in registering for this class and need a book now, you can visit https://www.vitalsource.com/ to purchase an ebook.


What will you need for the lab?

You will not need to purchase anything for the lab.  Although we will provide all the instruction materials that you will need, you will need a pencil and an eraser and a printer to print the lab exercises. In this lab, you will be doing hands-on exercises related to the topics covered in lecture.  We will provide you with downloadable tutorials, exercises, and short instructional videos to help guide you through the labs.


If you have any questions or concerns about this course please contact Dr. Phyllis Camilleri or Dr. Jack Deibert