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Geosciences Facilities

The Geosciences Department is located in the McCord Building.  The department has seven dedicated lecture rooms and six dedicated laboratories within the the building for use by Geosciences students.

The link below will take you on a virtual tour of some of the facilities located in the McCord Building.  To start the tour, click on the link and and rotate one-half turn and click on the Sundquist Building Lobby icon.

                Virtual Tour


Geosciences Equipment


Computer Laboratory

Equipment includes:


GIS and remote sensing software


Hydrologic software


Statistical software


Scanning Electron Microscope Laboratory

Equipment includes:


Microscope Laboratory

Equipment includes:


Ground Penetrating Radar

Equipment includes:


Radon Detection

Equipment includes:


Hydrogeologic and Environmental Testing Equipment

Equipment includes:


Rock preparation Laboratory


3-D Shape Analysis and Reproduction Equipment


Meteorology and Climatology Laboratory

Equipment includes:



Biogeography, Environment, and Tree-Ring Laboratory

Equipment includes:


Paleontology Laboratory

Equipment includes:


General Field Equipment