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Student Reseach

The Department of Geosciences is proud of its dedication and accomplishments in the area of undergraduate student research.  All of our faculty involve undergraduate students in their research projects.  These students often present their results at scientific meetings.  Over 50 of our students have made research presentations at local, national, and international science meetings.  Additionally, our majors have received many research scholarships including NSF funded REUs (Research Experience for Undergraduates).  These types of research opportunities for undergraduate students are rare at other institutions.  Our department encourages our students to get involved in research activities at any time in their college career, including as early as their freshmen year.  Completion of research projects help prepare students for their working careers and are helpful for students looking to further their education by completing graduate studies. 


Student Research Project Examples:


Determining age and source of sedimentary rocks in an ancient faulted basin

Students presenting their research at a National Geological Society of America Meeting

Description of Project:

Students analyzed radiometric ages of zircon grains within ancient sandstone layers from northeastern Nevada.  The age analysis allowed students to determine the depositional age of the sandstone layers and if the grains were derived from ancient bedrock or from ancient volcanic eruptions.  The age the sandstone layers were previously unknown and the results of the study were important in determining the ancient faulting and depositional history of the area.

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