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New Peer Mentor Application

The Office of Student Transitions is excited that you are interested in serving as a Peer Mentor! Each section of APSU 1000 is supported by a successful student, who will attend all class meetings, support the APSU 1000 instructors, and, just as the title describes, serve as a mentor for the students in their class.

To be eligible for the positions you must be a full-time student, have completed at least one full semester at APSU and have earned a cumulative GPA of at least 3.00. Applicants must also have no history of formal or informal student code of conduct violations.  


Format: (xxx) xxx-xxxx

Although mentoring only requires approximately 3 hrs./week we do not want any student to become overwhelmed and thus become unable to fulfill their requirements. Please list any jobs you have on campus or off campus and the number of hours you work.

Example: Student Worker, 5 hours. If no other jobs, list NONE.
Example: Sonic, 10 hours. If no other jobs, list NONE.
YesNoI don't know
Are you applying, or planning, to work with housing and/or band during the upcoming school year?
Do you plan to study abroad during a fall or spring semester in the next 12 months?
Will you need to complete any student teaching in the next 12 months?

Peer Mentor applicants are required to obtain two faculty/staff references.  Please let us know which faculty/staff members you have requested reference forms from.  The Reference form can be found at  Please forward this link to your references so that they can complete the form. 
Your application will not be reviewed without references.