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Instructor Evaluation of Peer Mentor

Each section of APSU 1000 is supported by a successful student. These students attend all class meetings, support the APSU 1000 instructors, and, just as the title describes, are mentors for the students in their classes. Please evaluate the performance of your Peer Mentor. This evaluation will be a strong indicator of whether or not a Peer Mentor has earned the opportunity to mentor again in future semesters. 

Strongly AgreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly Disagree
My peer mentor has made a positive contribution to the APSU 1000 course.
My peer mentor was punctual and attended all class meetings.
My peer mentor was well organized and prepared for class.
My peer mentor is knowledgeable about university resources.
My peer mentor is knowledgeable about ways to get involved at APSU.
My peer mentor has helped instill a sense of community in APSU 1000.
My peer mentor demonstrates concern about students' academic success.
My peer mentor is skilled at facilitating discussions.
My peer mentor is a strong role model regarding academic behavior inside and outside the classroom.
My peer mentoris a strong role model regarding social/personal behavior inside and outside the classroom.
My peer mentor interacted with the students throughout the semester.
My peer mentor responded in a reasonable time and maintained contact with me throughout the semester.
**If you have chosen strongly agree or strongly disagree in any area please provide explanation in the space below.**
Please answer the questions below.
Is there anything else the Office of Student Transitions should know about your Peer Mentor’s performance?