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Summer Financial Aid Application

The Summer Financial Aid Application is currently closed and will reopen in April 2018.

Financial Aid for the Summer semesters works differently from the standard Fall and Spring terms. Summer is the last semester in an academic year. Students are not able to pull funds from future academic years to pay for the current year; therefore, financial aid is typically based on the leftover funds remaining from the previous semesters.


  1. Log in to AP OneStop.
  2. Click on Web Self-Service.
  3. Click Financial Aid and Veterans Affairs.
  4. Under the Financial Aid header, click Summer Application.
  5. The application will walk you through each step. Be sure to enter the number of credit hours you plan on enrolling accurately. If anything changes with the number of hours you plan to enroll, resubmit your application as soon as possible.
  6. The application is specific to each student's current status. If you have unresolved issues on your account, that may prevent you from submitting an application. Note that the application is based on your current status; read through the guidelines below to see how each individual type of Financial Aid is affected.
  7. Allow 2-3 weeks for the application to be processed. If at any point you resubmit your application, the previous one will be overwritten. Resubmitted applications will be processed according to the date of original submission.

Important Information

For more specific details, visit our page dedicated to Important Information.

Pell Grants

Pell grants are awarded for an entire academic year. If a student has received the maximum amount of their Pell grant in the previous semesters within the academic year, they will not have a Pell grant remaining for the Summer term.

TSAA Grants

TSAA grants are not available during the Summer semester.

Tennessee Hope Lottery Scholarships

Recipients of Tennessee Hope Lottery scholarships are typically able to use the Hope scholarships during Summer semesters. Receiving the Hope in Summer doesn't necessarily pull the scholarship from the following Fall semester; however, it does count towards the maximum eligibility for the scholarship overall. Students wishing to receive the Hope Scholarship for the Summer should be registered by July 11 at the latest. For more details, review the guidelines on keeping the Hope scholarship.

Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans

Loans are awarded for an entire academic year. If a student has received the maximum amount of their loans in the previous semesters within the academic year, they may not have loans remaining for the Summer term. However, sometimes when students go up a grade level after the Spring semester they are then eligible for the next grade level up in the summer term.

Example: Josh is a Dependent Freshman who received $5,500 in loans during the Fall and Spring semesters. At the end of the Spring term he will have earned 30 credit hours and will be a Sophomore. Given that Sophomores are typically eligible for $6,500 in loans for an academic year, Josh is eligible for $1,000 in loans for the Summer term.

Important to Note: If a student is planning on taking out loans for the next grade level up in the Summer term, they must wait until their Spring grades are posted and they have actually increased a grade level before filling out the Summer financial aid application.