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Consortium Agreement Student Information

If you are interested in enrolling simultaneously at APSU and another post-secondary institution (excludes proprietary institutions), a consortium agreement may be used. Using a consortium agreement combines the hours at both institutions for financial aid purposes.

APSU as the Home Institution

  1. Consortium Agreement Form Processing Steps. Allow time for processing by two schools and 3 offices (minimum of 2-3 weeks).
    • Read and complete student section on page 1 of the Consortium Agreement Form.
    • Submit the Consortium Agreement to the Financial Aid Office of your host school.
    • Once the Financial Aid office at the host school receives the form, they will complete their section as soon as possible. They will send the form to the APSU Office of Student Financial and Veteran Affairs.
    • Once APSU receives the form, we will forward it to the Office of the Registrar for course approval. The Registrar will check the classes to ensure they are applicable to your degree at APSU before sending the form back to Financial Aid.
    • The Financial Aid Office will make sure all required paperwork has been submitted, determine the amounts to be used in the cost of attendance, and award applicable aid for the term the student will attend at the host school.
    • The Consortium Agreement will take time to process. It is the student’s responsibility to work out payment arrangements with the host school. A payment may not be credited to your APSU account before fee payment deadline at the host school. Some schools will allow the student to defer payment but some will not.
    • If all your paperwork is complete, you will receive your money at the same time all other APSU students will receive their funds for the term. If the term has begun, your refund is normally within 7-10 business days after final receipt of the completed documents. There must be two disbursements of loan funds for the period of the loan.
    • An e-mail will be sent to your Austin Peay email account when your consortium is completed.
  2. Summer Consortium Agreements. In addition to the Consortium Agreement, during the summer, you must also complete the APSU Summer Financial Aid Application.

All figures are given as estimates until final completion of the process and award decision. Being in violation of Satisfactory Academic Progress at the end of one term could result in you not receiving funds for the term of the consortium. Changes to federal/state regulations could also result in changes to the estimated amounts although it is rare for that to occur without sufficient notice.

APSU as the Host Institution

  1. Consortium Agreement Form Processing Steps. Allow time for processing by two schools and 3 offices (minimum of 2-3 weeks).
    • Student applies and is admitted to APSU as a transient student.
    • Student contacts the home institution to complete the Consortium Agreement.
    • The Consortium Agreement is forwarded to APSU in order for the host section to be completed.
    • APSU completes the Consortium Agreement and sends it to the student's home institution.
  2. Payment. Make payment arrangements with APSU and confirm your courses.
    • As the host institution, we will defer fees up to the amount of funds the other school has confirmed the student will receive. Students must contact their home institution to request an email be sent to Johnathan Button (buttonj@apsu.edu) indicating the amount of aid the student will receive.