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Satisfactory Academic Progress

Important Deadline Information:

Satisfactory Academic Progress appeals submitted during or after late registration will not be considered until the next semester.

(The online forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Appeal Submission Deadlines

Semester/TermPriority DateFinal Date
Fall IIOctober 1October 14
Spring IJanuary 5January 5
Spring Main CampusJanuary 8January 12
Spring IIMarch 1March 10
SummerMay 18May 18

Appeals Committee Meeting Dates

September 18January 8
October 9January 15
November 13February 12
December 11March 12
April 16
May 21

Fall 2014, Spring 2015, and Summer 2015

Satisfactory Progress Policy Guidelines

Satisfactory Progress Appeal Form

This form must be completed when a student has been notified by the Student Financial Aid Office that they are in violation of the SatisfactoryProgress Policy Guidelines.