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Welcome to the TSBDC

The TSBDC is a network that, in cooperation with resource partners, provides a single, comprehensive source for solutions to assist in the creation, management, expansion, and sustainability of businesses in Tennessee. Through its services, the TSBDC network contributes to the growth and development of Tennessee's economy by assisting with domestic and international trade issues.

Recognizing that small business is the economic backbone of the State of Tennessee, the TSBDC's mission is to be the premier provider of quality solutions to potential and existing small businesses' needs through consultation, education, referral, and support services. By providing these services through its interactive network of resource partners, the TSBDC promotes growth and prosperity in the domestic and international markets of the business community and enhances its economic impact on the State of Tennessee.

The TSBDC at APSU serves Montgomery, Houston, Humphreys, Stewart, Cheatham, Dickson and Robertson counties.

Our guiding principles are:

  • To provide business consultation, education, technical assistance and related services which are responsive to business community needs in the most efficient and effective manner.

  • To raise awareness and earn respect for the delivery of high quality, innovative programs and services.

  • To continually measure, evaluate and report the quality, productivity and impact of the TSBDC which will result in maximum financial support for its mission.

  • To continually improve and enhance the leadership and organizational effectiveness of the TSBDC Network.

For additional information, call Feleesha Johnson, Director, at (931) 221-7816.


For details about these and other upcoming workshops in the mid-state, call (931) 221-7816 or visit the TSBDC Web site.

Statistics, Reports and Districts

Check out some statistics, reports and information about the TSBDC at APSU and the districts it serves.