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Research, Journals, and Grants

At the Austin Peay College of Education, we are very proud of all the work that our professors do to advance the practice of teaching. This page highlights our faculty's accomplishments.

Faculty Research

  At Austin Peay, all of our faculty are encouraged to conduct research in their areas of interest.

Journals Published in the College of Education

  SRATE Journal
The Journal of the Southeastern Regional Association of Teacher Educators is an outlet for educational researchers throughout the southeast region of the U.S. Scheduled for publication twice yearly, it can be both thematic and non-thematic.
Tennessee Reading Teacher Journal

The Tennessee Reading Association (TRA) has a membership of more than 2,000 people dedicated to promoting reading and literacy. The membership includes classroom teachers, instructional assistants, reading specialists, technical support personnel, administrators, parents, students, college educators and others who work to promote improvement in reading. The mission of the Tennessee Reading Association is to promote the development of literacy among all segments of the population in the State of Tennessee in order to foster an informed productive citizenry. The TRA is an affiliate of the International Reading Association, which is composed of more than 88,000 members in 116 countries throughout the world.

Grants Awarded to the College of Education

PFIT Grant
The Physics Program for Area Science Teachers is a two-week program of study offered through a grant from Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC) for science teachers to attend fourteen days of workshops on physics activities, content and study.
  Project MORE

APSU’s Project MORE focuses on (a) recruiting committed students to the teaching profession, (b) providing them with a coordinated support system; (c) immersing them in a rigorous, well-rounded teacher education program, emphasizing sensitivity to diversity, technological competency, and best teaching practices; and (d) ultimately placing these well-prepared practitioners in our school system. Depending on their concentration, students will follow a prescribed program of studies in accordance with standards established by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE, 2002) and the APSU College of Education.

  Congressional Award
Thanks to the efforts of Congressman John Tanner of Tennessee's 8th District, this $476,000 federally funded award was bestowed upon the College of Education. It will help to provide state-of-the-art science and mathematics instruction to K-8 preservice teachers and professional development workshops and courses for elementary and middle school teachers. This funding will be used to create a new science and mathematics teaching laboratory outfitted with the latest equipment and supplies.

TBR Diversity Grant
This research study proposed to explore what constitutes a critical mass of African American undergraduate students in college classes and how it relates to retention, academic success and graduation rates.