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Douglas Rose

Douglas Rose



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  • Music Mass Comm Bldg Room MMC 138
“I have found the music students at Austin Peay to be fulfilling to teach. There are many reasons for this; but among the most important, is a general tendency to be open and very teachable. Students with musical talent can sometimes approach their program of study with the notion that they have already learned what they needed to learn. Hence, they seem satisfied and largely unteachable. At APSU, I have found talented students who strive to improve - to succeed at higher and higher levels. What a gift is is to be working with such students. ” Dr. Douglas Rose - Professor of Music; Choral Conducting, Choral Literature
Doctor of Musical Arts, State University of New York (Stony Brook)
Master of Music (Choral Conducting); Master of Arts in Religion: Yale University
Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Music Education: Memorial University of Newfoundland
Before graduate school, I freelanced as a professional chorister and conductor. This background in performing at a professional level has significantly informed my teaching. I am intrigued by the fact that talented professional singers who must perform a difficult piece of music with one week of preparation can do so. It has made me consider that we may be doing our students a disservice by not expecting them to reach performance level much sooner than we normally tend to in academic institutions. It is entirely possible that we are allowing our students more time than is truly necessary. I believe students benefit from being treated as pre-professionals, as those who prepare themselves thoroughly - before that first rehearsal with others.
I am a a lifelong student of choral music. I cannot imagine anything more exciting than co-creating, with others, artistic performances which touch the lives of others in deep and meaningful ways.  I also enjoy preparing students who aspire to be choral music educators. Of late, I am interested in researching and piloting instructional technologies which can be hugely beneficial to the music educator. I continue to explore opportunities to share my discoveries with students and professional colleagues at the local, regional, and national levels.