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  • PhD - University of Florida, American Politics and Institutions
  • MA - University of Florida, American Politics and Institutions
  • MPA - Sonoma State University, Public Administration/Public Policy
  • BA - Sonoma State University, Political Science

I grew up in Orange County...the one in California. I dropped out of college at 20 and went to work in radio where I was an on-air personality. I went back to college in my late-20s where I earned a BA in political science and MPA from Sonoma State University, followed by an MA and PhD in political science from UF. So I am here because I kind of like politics and never want to actually leave college again. I used to work for a small business advocacy organization (unnamed per my NDA) where I was their director of government affairs, providing policy input, data analysis and oversight of federal procurement programs. This position afforded me the opportunity to lobby members of Congress and the administration, help write policy, change rules, and testify before the Senate. It was this position that helped me learn how one person, or even a small group can change federal policy and make an impact. My greatest superpower is speaking about politics at length until people fall asleep; saying really tough words like "hermeneutical phenomenology," "epistemology vs. methodology," and "pedagogy"; and communicating complex social theory solely through random Someecards. For fun I grow varieties of crazy spicy peppers and make my own hot sauces. I also like to cook and bake, I make my own breads and bagels and while I may never be a Star Baker, I am pretty sure I will one day earn a Paul Hollywood handshake.

  • American presidency
  • Congress
  • Legislative development and the policy making process
  • Political power
  • Institutional reforms
  • Freedom of Information Act

Book: Presidential Privilege and the Freedom of Information Act. 2019. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. Part of their series, “New Perspectives on the American Presidency”

Article:  “Obama’s ‘Hidden-Hand’ Presidency: Myth, Metaphor, or Misrepresentation?” White House Studies, Volume 13, Issue 2 (2015): 129-157, with Richard S. Conley.