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PASS Instructor collaborates with the PASS Ambassador

Promoting Academic Student Success

The purpose of Promoting Academic Student Success (PASS 0900) is to assist students who have been placed on academic probation during their freshmen year or sophomore year or who are returning from academic suspension. Participation in the PASS course is mandatory for freshmen and sophomores on probation and students who successfully appeal an academic suspension.

Fall 2015 PASS 0900 Instructors


Sheila Bryant

 Affirmative Action 

Gina Garber

Associate Professor

Kay Haralson

Associate Professor
Student Success Specialist
Center for Teaching and Learning 

Kacie Hutson

Student Success Coordinator for College of Arts and Letters
Center for Teaching and Learning 

June Lee

Graduate Admissions 

Margaret Pace

Adjunct Professor

Ellen Smyth



PASS Ambassadors - Each PASS 0900 class be assigned a PASS Ambassador. Ambassadors will:

  • Attend class sessions or monitor student activity in online sections
  • Serve as a peer mentor for the students in their assigned section
  • Lead routine group discussions/activities in their assigned section