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Academic Affairs and the Center for Teaching and Learning co-sponsor the Faculty Advising Program, which recognizes the importance of excellence in advising at Austin Peay. In exchange for a course release, the program provides a seminar and think-tank environment for selected faculty to explore advising as a means to enhance student success. 

The Faculty Advising Program fosters an exploratory team environment that requires participants to relegate all other campus responsibilities to non-program hours. Accepted applicants meet from 1-4:30 p.m. each Tuesday of the fall semester. Additional responsibilities include weekly assignments, a team project, and a presentation of the project’s findings to the president and provost.

The Faculty Advising Program is part of the Campus Connection Initiative, which aims to establish sustainable networks that can facilitate cross-campus and off-campus transfers of information and other resources for student, university, and community success.

The Faculty Advising Program is offered every other fall semester, on odd years. Deadline for applications for the Fall 2017 Faculty Advising Program is January 20, 2016. For more information, please contact Dr. Gray Kane.

Fall 2015 Participants:

Mrs. Jane Semler

Department of Allied Health Sciences

Dr. Robert Baron

Department of Communication

Dr. Leslie Hiatt

Department of Chemistry

Dr. Nanci Woods

Department of Psychology

Dr. Melissa Gomez

Department of Health and Human Performance

Dr. Chad Brooks

Department of Biology

Fall 2013 Participants:

Dr. Mercy Cannon

Department of Languages and Literature

Dr. Linda Davis

Department of Languages and Literature

Ms. Taylor Emery

Department of Languages and Literature

Dr. Sue Evans

Department of Professional Studies

Dr. Deborah Fetch


Dr. Ben Ntatin

Department of Mathematics

Dr. John Phillips

Department of Political Science