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Faculty Advising Liaison Program

The  Title III program's goal to “Strengthen Student Retention” calls for a more hands-on approach to advising students with at-risk characteristics (i.e. conditionally admitted, first-generation, low income, low ACT scores, low high-school GPA, or academic deficiencies.) To address this goal, the Title III Center for Teaching and Learning has developed the Faculty Advising Liaison Program.

Advisor - AdviseeExemplary faculty advisors were chosen by the Academic Deans and Department Chairs in their colleges to serve as advising liaisons. Faculty advising liaisons from each academic department advise incoming freshmen who display one or more at-risk characteristics. The advising liaisons implement intrusive advising methods by initiating multiple contacts with their advisees and corresponding with them about academic alerts, midterm grades, and final grades.

The goal of the Faculty Advising Liaison Program is to foster a relationship between the advisee and the advisor that will strengthen the student’s connection to the university, academic performance, and retention.

Advising Liaisons earn an annual faculty development stipend of $400 provided by the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Click here to meet the Faculty Advising Liaisons for the 2016-2017 academic year.