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Latest Internship / REU Announcements

This page contains information about the internship and Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU), with basic descriptions of each internship/REU. Click the link at the end of each description for more details about each opportunity.

MindSumo - Great opportunities to work on ideas for prominent companies!

Please review the latest computer science projects from MindSumo. MindSumo partners with employers to create projects that you can complete to get work experience, win prizes, and be hired for jobs and internships. Questions can be directed to isha@mindsumo.com.

ComEd - Help design a web dashboard or app for solar users - $11,600 in prizes 

Allstate - How would you improve the insurance claim process for customers? - $1,600 in prizes

Check out their site for more opportunities: https://www.mindsumo.com/challenges.

Deloitte Associate Security, Risk, and Governance Intern for Summer 2018 (Posted 09/20/2017)

This internship focuses on assessing, maintaining, and improving information security safeguards for Deloitte and their client's data. It requires Microsoft Office skills and knowledge of risk concepts, cyber security, and the ability to communicate technical and security concepts to a non-technical audience.

Application and further information:  https://jobs2.deloitte.com/us/en/job/DELOA004X157235/Associate-Security-Risk-Governance-Intern-Summer-2018

Deloitte Associate Technology and Infrastructure Intern for Summer 2018 (Posted 09/20/2017)

There are four focus areas for this internship: Network analyst, Systems analyst, Database analyst, or Operations analyst. Interns will work with an experienced team on projects that build your skills in one of the four focuses. It requires basic understanding of TCP/IP and computer networks, communication skills, and basic client interaction skills.

Application and further information: https://jobs2.deloitte.com/us/en/job/DELOA004X157183/Associate-Technology-Infrastructure-Intern-Summer-2018

Deloitte Associate Application Studio Intern for Summer 2018 (Posted 09/20/2017)

There are three focus areas for this internship: Application Developer, Business Systems Analysis, or Business Data Analytics. Interns will focus on software development using multiple programming languages, Analyze business needs and develop specifications for hardware systems, or assist with conducting research related to business goals depending on the focus they choose. It requires proficiency in Microsoft Office (including Microsoft Project), C#, ASP.NET, XML, and Javascript.

Application and further information: https://jobs2.deloitte.com/us/en/job/DELOA004X157218/Associate-Deloitte-Application-Studio-Intern-Summer-2018