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Art and Design

In partnership with the Department of Art and Design, the Center of Excellence for the Creative Arts offers:

  • The Visiting Artist Series, which includes lectures and exhibition by accomplished professional artists; and
  • The Trahern Gallery, which features a wide variety of regional, national and international exhibitions.

The APSU Department of Art and Design

The Art and Design faculty are practicing artists who have earned national and international renown. Additionally, students learn from experts and visionaries teaching on an adjunct basis, as well as visiting artists, designers, and craftsmen who work with students in classroom and workshop settings.

APSU Galleries

With three galleries on campus, APSU offers constant exposure to unique, contemporary and traditional art exhibitions.

  • Trahern Gallery offers a variety of visual arts experiences through numerous exhibitions.
  • Mabel Larson Gallery is home to the University’s permanent art collection.
  • Terminal is an on-line gallery to showcase and examine internet and new media art.
  • Gallery 108 features the work of graduating art majors and visiting artists on a weekly basis.