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Advisor Tools - Science Substitutions & Guidelines for choosing a Mathematics course

Science core substitution guidelines

If a student is transferring in with science course(s) as an elective that you believe actually meets the core requirements, please use the following guidelines as part of your evaluation process.  As always, if you need assistance, call the chair of the department with questions.

Math Placement for Advisors 

APSU is committed to making sure our students are successful - especially when it comes to meeting their mathematics requirement.  The Mathematics-Statistics department has spent hours of evaluation to come up with information that will be helpful to advisors assist their students in getting into the right class so that they can have a meaningful and successful experience with their mathematics core.  Some students may need to take a course before tackling their mathematics requirement in order to insure they have the proper foundation.  Use this link to review with your student so that they will have a successful mathematics experience at APSU.