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African American Studies

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The African American Studies program (AAST) is an interdisciplinary program of study that exposes students to the history and culture of African Americans in the United States and connects those experiences to the peoples of Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America.  Students who minor in AAST will take eighteen (18) credit hours, and these courses will provide students with studies in racism, colonialism, and slavery as well as the art, music, and literature of blacks in Africa and the Americas.

The program offers an in-depth examination and provides a standard body of literature on African-American experiences in order to promote a well-rounded education and a greater appreciation of cultural diversity and heritage.

The program explores the struggles, perils, oppression, injustices, perseverance, achievements, contributions and acts of heroism of African-Americans.

Designed as a minor consisting of 18 credit hours, the African-American Studies Program is interdisciplinary in that students choose from a wide variety of stimulating courses that cross departmental lines.


Program of Study

Required Courses:

AAST 2200           Introduction to African American Studies                   3 hours

AAST 3020           Seminar in African American Studies                           3 hours

AAST 4000           Capstone Seminar in African American Studies           3 hours

ENGL 340G           African American Literature                                         3 hours

Electives              Select three electives in African American Studies      9 hours


Elective Courses  Select three courses (9 hours) from the following:

AAST 2000           Contemporary African American Life                           3 hours

AAST 2250           African American Expressive Culture                           3 hours

AAST 2500           Africana Women Across Cultures                                3 hours

AAST 2550           Aesthetics of the hip Hop Industry                             3 hours

AAST 300A           Selected Topics in African American Studies              3 hours

AAST 300B           Selected Topics in African American Studies               3 hours

AAST 300C           Selected Topics in African American Studies              3 hours

AAST 3300           Intro to Black Theatre and Performance                      3 hours

AAST 3020           Seminar in African American Studies                        1-6 hours

AAST 3100           Black Leaders of the Twentieth Century                     3 hours

AAST 3200           Study Abroad Ghana, West Africa                                6 hours

AAST 4100           African American Studies Field Experience                  4 hours

DANC 1600          West African Dance I                                                   3 hours

ENGL 340H           African Writers                                                             3 hours

ENGL 340R           Century's End:  Race and Gender at the Turn of         3 hours

                            the Twentieth Century

HIST 3440            Africa to 1800                                                              3 hours

HIST 4650            African American History to 1890                                3 hours

HIST 4660            African American History Since 1890                           3 hours

GEOG 3750          Geography of the African World                                  3 hours

POLS 3160           African Politics                                                             3 hours

POLS 4020           The Politics of Contemporary African American           3 hours

                             Thought and Movement

PSY 3230              African American Psychology                                      3 hours

SOC 3050             Race Relation and Minority                                         3 hours


For more information about pursuing a minor in African American Studies, please contact:

Professor Marcus Hayes

African American Studies Minor

Trahern 203

(931)221-6371 or hayesma@apsu.edu


Follow this link for information concerning the Wilbur N. Daniel African American Cultural Center.


Follow this link to the African American Studies website for additional information.