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The following courses are open for all students for Fall 2019.  Courses with the CLAS prefix are in English.  GREK and LATN prefixes are courses in Greek and Latin language.  No prior knowledge of any language is required or expected for CLAS courses, or for 1010 language courses. Note that our elementary language courses are now taught on a 3 day per week schedule, so they will not interfere with your science labs or other T/R courses.

There is a severe shortage nationwide of high school Latin teachers, so if you want a job when you graduate, please consider teaching Latin. If you are in Elementary Education, you will have to teach ancient civilizations and (especially in sixth grade) Greek and Roman mythology.  We offer mythology, CLAS 3310, as an on-line course every semester including during the summer.  Learn it now when you can get credit for it and have some fun!

Classics students consistently achieve the highest scores on the LSAT, and Classics is also extremely helpful for medical school.  All science majors will benefit from both Greek and Latin.

Our majors go on to graduate schools such as SUNY Buffalo, U Mass Amherst, and other excellent program. They teach, they go on archaeological digs in the Mediterranean, they have fun!  We have small classes, our students receive a lot of individual attention, and they get placements.  We would love to have you join us!


Classics Courses for Fall 2019

NB:  No language experience or study is required for the CLAS prefix classes.

CLAS 2110-W1 3587 Medical and Scientific Terms  — Mrs. Mary Winters

This online course will train you to recognize the common roots of terms used in scientific disciplines and in the medical field.  Excellent for all sciences, nursing, and pre-pharmacy/pre-med. 

CLAS 3310-W1 2437  Greek Mythology —  Mrs. Mary Winters 

Learn the myths of ancient Greece and Rome! Find out how scholars interpret those myths and how the myths functioned in ancient society.  

CLAS 4100-17 2334  The Roman City  2:30-3:55 MW -- Dr. Steve Kershner

An introduction to how the Greeks, Romans, and Near Eastern Peoples theorized, constructed, and maneuvered in their cities.  All readings are in English.


Greek Courses for Fall 2019

GREK 1010-05 2438 Elementary Greek Hybrid  10:10-11:05 MWF   Dr. Tim Winters

An introduction to the ancient Greek language.  This course prepares students to read original texts such as Homer, the New Testament, Sophocles, and Sappho.

GREK 2010-07 2435    Intermediate Greek  11:15-12:10 MWF  Mrs. Mary Winters, M.A.

Students in Intermediate Greek will be reading Plato's Apology.

GREK 3510-07 2337  Greek Historians 11:15-12:10 MWF Dr. Steve Kershner

Selected readings from the major Greek historians such as Herodotus or Thucydides.

Latin Courses for Fall 2019

LATN 1010-03 2439  Elementary Latin Hybrid  9:05-10:00 MWF  Mrs. Mary Winters, M.A.

Latin is still the best gateway for the study of law, medicine, and indeed all sciences. It is useful for history majors, education majors, and English majors, and is of course necessary for Classics majors who plan to teach, go on in graduate school, or study archaeology.

LATN 2010-09 2440  Intermediate Latin  12:29-1:15 MWF Mrs. Mary Winters, M.A.

Students in Intermediate Latin will be reading selections from Caesar's Gallic Wars.

LATN 4210-03 2338 Latin Prose Composition 9:05-10:00 MWF  Dr. Steve Kershner

Composition of paragraph length in Latin; review of Latin syntax.

LATN 5310-  Survey of Latin Literature (Graduate Level) TBA -- Dr. Steve Kershner

Selected readings from Petronius and/or Apuleius. Discussion includes the ancient novel tradition, including Greek predecessors.

Ancillary Courses for Fall 2019

HIST 4051-08 1822 Ancient Greece  11:10-12:35 TR  Dr. George Pesely

LING 4030-06 2413  Introduction to Historical Linguistics  9:35-11:00 TR  Dr. Kostakis

LING 4040-W1 2410 How Language Works On-Line  -  Dr. Lynn Sims