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Students in the ballroom 

Welcome to APSU Classics Day!

The date for Spring 2020 is Wednesday, 26 February.  Mark your calendar now!

The festivities will be limited to 325 students, not including teachers and chaperones. Thus, registration will be accepted according to a first come-first served basis.

We are excited to welcome you to our lovely campus for a day of activities centered on the ancient Mediterranean world.  The mythology, history, archaeology, literature, and the daily life of the peoples of ancient Greece and Rome provide a rich source of delight and intellectual satisfaction for students of all ages.  We are especially glad to invite to campus any area high-school students who would like to participate in our annual Classics Day event. Prior to coming to campus, students can create an art project and bring it in to be considered for a prize; they can also take a series of quizzes on mythology, history, daily life, and literature.  Ribbons will be awarded for top scores in those competitions as well.


The day opens with a lecture on some aspect of the ancient Mediterranean world.  All students attend that lecture. Then students will break out into groups to participate in various other activities. Events include art projects, Certamen, and mythology based events.  

Students create an art project


Students can also take a tour of campus, during which time they will get to see the inside of a dorm, as well as speak with current students about APSU.  Also, our own Classics majors will present a panel on what it's like to study Classics at the university level.  

Students get lunch as well, and at the end of the day, prizes are awarded for the winners in all of the competitions held during the day.

Schedule of activities for Classics Day Spring 2020

NB: All activities are on the third floor of the Morgan University Center.


 8:00-8:55             Registration

                             Outside the Ballroom, 3rd floor of MUC

 9:00-9:10             Introduction and Welcome                                             Ballroom

 9:10-9:50             Presentation on the "Ancient Monsters and Magic"       Ballroom

 9:50-10:00           Ten-minute Break

 10:15-12:15         Four 30 Minute Sessions

                                    College Panel                           Ballroom

                                    Kahoot! Trivia Game                TBA

                                    Mythology Skits                        TBA

                                    Underworld Scavenger Hunt    TBA

10:15-12:15         Certamen Rounds (Participation times based on level)

10:15 -- ?             Campus Tour

 12:15-12:45        Lunch                                          Ballroom

 12:30-1:00          Awards

Register now by completing the form below.

Please note that registration forms and payments must be received by 14 February 2020. We cannot make refunds for cancellations but substitutions are welcome.

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