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Amber Bosworth: Being Bold & Bozzy in Business

Feb. 15, 2017

Bold prototypes turn the heads of business professionals and golfers. Senior Amber Bosworth wants a skirt on the golf course to match her golf swing--bold and strong. As an avid golfer and member of APSU's golf team, Bosworth noticed some setbacks in the golf skirts available in stores, so she decided to create her own, the Bozzy.

She is in the process of designing a skirt that functions as any great athletic gear, with useable pockets and some protection from the elements, while still being stylish. Having a great idea is simple, developing a prototype and working out the issues with a tangible product from an idea is a more complex process. Bosworth is working through the process in a Venturing course (MGT 4640) taught by Dr. John Volker.

"I want the Bozzy to represent my story, to say that it's okay not to fit in," Bosworth says of her business idea. "To be bold and to be Bozzy!"

Bosworth has never allowed anything to be a setback in her life. After an illness at age two caused her to become deaf, she was still considered an athlete in her family. She grew up playing volleyball and basketball. She would have continued playing those sports, but she was partially blinded during a high school volleyball match when her teammate accidentally elbowed her in the corner of the eye. The impact was so strong and direct that Bosworth was advised by her doctor to be careful if she continued to play competitive volleyball or basketball. If she was ever hit in the eye again, the doctor warned that she could permanently lose her vision.

Bosworth's dad has always loved golf, and Bosworth says that he still plays more than she does. After her injury, Bosworth's dad asked her to try golf. "He had asked me before but I always thought it would be boring. I picked up a club and fell in love. I've been playing ever since."

That boredom turned into a hobby and then an entrepreneurial dream that Bosworth someday hopes to make a reality. The Bozzy golf skirt represents standing out and making a positive statement. It also shows that an individual can defy her own expectations and combine her personal and professional interests for new innovative designs.

"After golfing for years, I wanted a longer golf skirt that was modern and athletic looking with pockets that are useable. A lot of girls wear tennis skirts, and they are kind of short, and they struggle with the spandex, and the butt and all that, so I wanted to make a golf skirt that was cute but classy," Bosworth says. "I'm surrounded by men. I play golf with my dad, my brother, my dad's business partners, so I want to be mindful but still look cute." She discussed her struggle with her brother, and he suggested that she make her own golf skirt.

As double major in finance and management, Bosworth says the entrepreneurship minor made sense with her personality and background. Developing the prototype did not come easily to Bosworth, but she has a sense of humor, and she turned all of the steps in the process into moments of learning and laughter. "The skirt had no pattern, so I literally just held it up to my body and cut out the pattern around me for the first one," Bosworth says and laughs as she demonstrates the difficult and humorous process of trying to measure herself while holding the paper for the pattern. She took two years of a home economics class in middle school, but had not sewn anything since that time. She definitely was an experienced with making patterns, but says that she kept making another one and another one, trying to get it right. In fact, she is still making the patterns and perfecting them. One of the Bozzy skirts has ruffles, so Bosworth is currently developing that pattern.

"There are probably companies out there who could develop a pattern better than me, but for me to make it through this presentation and launching it, getting the idea out there, it's going to have to be me to create the patterns right now," Bosworth says.

This spirit is often the secret that pushes entrepreneurs forward to the next stage. Not only that, some innovative businesses create unique ways to be bold and Bozzy. Austin Peay's College of Business has fostered an environment where students are discovering and creating for their future businesses. Students like Bosworth see their careers take shape during their undergraduate courses, and they start professions that will fulfill their goals.

---  By Shana Thornton, Thorncraft Publishing, www.thorncraftpublishing.com