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News from the Austin Peay College of Business

Featured Alumna: Coya Massey - December 2016

Securing enjoyment in hard work is not an easy task, but MaQueba LenCoya Massey makes it look that way. Coya is a model graduate, representing all the dreams that students aspire to achieve after graduating.

Featured Faculty Member: Dr. John Volker - December 2016

Dr. John Volker's doorway is open but blocked by a human size cutout of a zombie devouring someone's heart and warns, "Don't make me get out my red pen." Meet Dr. Volker in depth.

Featured Staff Member: Matthew Kilpatrick - December 2016

Academic advisor Matthew Kilpatrick mentors 400 undergraduate students as if they are family members. He mentors both traditional on-campus and online students for the College of Business. 

Featured Student: Amber Bosworth - December 2016

Having a great idea is simple, developing a prototype and working out the issues with a tangible product from an idea is a more complex process. Senior Amber Bosworth is working through the process in an APSU course.