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3 Graduating Seniors graduates


Most of the information that you need for graduation can be found on the Commencement webpage, but College of Business graduates should be mindful of the following:

You must take the Major Field Test before you graduate.  This test is a requirement of MGT 4810.  If for some reason you did not take the MFT during that course, please contact the Academic Advising Coordinator at 221-7685 to discuss setting up an appointment to take it. 

  • The MFT is not the only test that you are required to take before graduating.  You must also take your Senior Exit Exam.  This can be scheduled by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.
  • The link at the bottom of the page also allows you to apply for graduation.  Please do this by the date provided on that page.
  • You as a business major will also be asked to attend a the College of Business Senior Dinner.  This is an opportunity to meet alumni, mingle with your professors, and be recognized for your accomplishments.

Click here to view Austin Peay's Commencement Page.