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APSU Entrepreneurship Challenge

November 14, 2023
5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Legends Bank Lecture Hall, Kimbrough Building
Open invitation to our APSU and Clarksville community.

The Entrepreneurship Challenge is a competition for APSU students to pitch their best business idea for a chance to win cash prizes.

To participate, students must first submit an electronic pitch for review by a panel of judges. Ideas that pass the review move on to the final competition where students present their ideas live to a panel of judges. During the ilve event, each team has five minutes to pitch their idea and answer questions.


1. How will the judges make their decisions?

The first round judges use a rubric consisting of six categories to judge contestants. Each category has a 7-point Likert scale, and judges score each component before adding up the total score for each contestant. The top five contestants with the highest scores will proceed from the electronic pitch to the live pitch, and the judges will deliberate to select the top three ideas. You can find the judges' rubric tab for reference.

3. Is it limited to College of Business students?

No, all APSU students are encouraged to enter the competition. Undergraduate and graduate students are both welcome. Pitching teams may also include non-students. However, each team must have at least one APSU enrolled student.

4. Is there a fee to enter?

No, there is no fee to participate.

5. What support does the College of Business provide student teams competing?

Student teams may seek out faculty members or other professionals to answer questions or provide additional guidance. 

6. How small or large can a team be?

Individuals or teams of no more than five participants.  All members of the team must actively participate in both pitches.

7. How do the student teams submit their electronic pitch, and what is expected? 

Students should follow the submission instructions on the submission tab of the website.

8. How will students know they have been chosen for the live pitch competition?

Student teams chosen to move to the live pitch level will be notified by e-mail.

9. Where will the live pitch competition take place?

The live pitch competition will occur in the Legends Bank Lecture Hall located in the College of Business, Kimbrough Building.

10. When will the live pitch occur?

Tuesday, November 14, 2023.  

 For this competition, the business idea presentations will be judged on six areas:

  • Do I have a good understanding of the business idea?
  • The problem is clearly identified and discussed
  • The solution is clear and identified
  • The market for the product or service is clearly identified
  • The team needed to develop and execute the idea is discussed
  • A realistic estimate of seed capital is provided
  • The presentation is high quality and demonstrates professionalism.

The five teams with the highest scores will move on to the live pitch competition.


Record your pitch using Zoom or other preferred platform. (Maximum 10 minutes)

Upload your video as an unlisted video to YouTube. 

Submit the link to your YouTube presentation using the form below by October 13, 2023. 

Finalists will be notified November 1, 2023 and live presentations will take place November 14, 5:00p.m. - 7:00p.m.

Please ensure you have followed the first-round pitch instructions at the top of the page prior to submitting. Presentations incorrectly submitted will not be accepted.

Questions? email russelle@apsu.edu