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Master of Science Degree Requirements

A. Core Requirements - Major: Biology (33-37 hours)


BIOL 5000 - Methods of Biological Research (4)
BIOL 5735 - Contemporary Issues in Biology (2)
BIOL 5915 - Seminar in Biology (1)

TOTAL 7 hours

All students seeking a master's degree must register for the appropriate research foundations course (BIOL 5000) the first time it is offered after they are admitted to the College of Graduate Studies. 

B. Degree Options

Plan I - Research Literacy Paper:
i. Required Core as listed above (7)
ii. BIOL 5950 Research Paper (2) 
iii. Electives (28)*

TOTAL 37 hours.

Plan II - Research Project:
i. Required Core as listed above (7)
ii BIOL 5510 Special Problems (4)
iii. Electives (24)*

TOTAL 35 hours

Plan III - Thesis:
i. Required Core as listed above (7)
ii. BIOL 5990 - Thesis (6)
iii. Electives (20)*

TOTAL 33 hours.

*All plans require passing an oral exam assessing competency in fundamental biological principles and biological research for completion of the Biology Department Master of Science degree.

C. Retention Requirements

Graduate instruction assumes on the part of the student professional interest and ability to do independent study of satisfactory quality. In meeting the requirements for the degree, the candidate must maintain a minimum scholastic average of "B" (3.0) on all work attempted. For more information about general regulations see the Austin Peay State University Graduate Bulletin.