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Bookstore Departmental Charge Form

Beginning January 2016, any departments that make purchases at the APSU Bookstore will need to use a departmental Bookstore Charge Form if they are not using their department Purchasing card.

BOOKSTORE Departmental Charge Form

The person responsible for the banner FOAP listed on the attached for will need to sign it, and the person making the purchase will also need to print and sign their name at the time of the purchase or order.

The completed form, along with any receipts or invoices, will be returned to the department’s campus post office box by on-campus communications for that departments’ files/records.

If you have questions you can contact Tammy Silva at extension 6164 or email silvat@apsu.edu; or you can contact Shonte Cadwallader at extension 7655/7275 or email her at cadwalladers@apsu.edu


Bookstore Contact Information
Main Campus Bookstore: (931) 221-7655
Ft. Campbell Campus Bookstore: (931) 221-1461
Bookstore Manager: (931) 221-7275
Campus Liaison: (931) 221-6164
Website: http://apsu.bncollege.com/
Email: apsubookstore@apsu.edu