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Bookstore Departmental Purchases

Departments have 2 options for making purchases at the Campus Bookstore.

Method 1: Procurement Card

The first and easiest way is to use your department Procurement Card. You can use your Procurement Card just like a normal credit card and still receive your APSU employee discount on approved items. If for some reason your card is declined at the bookstore, contact the Procurement and Contract Services department at (931) 221-7032.  They should be able to help correct the problem over the phone so that your card can be used while you are still in the bookstore.  

PLEASE NOTE - Department Procurement Cards can not be used to purchase bookstore gift cards.

Method 2: Departmental Bookstore Charge Form

The second way for a department to purchase needed books and supplies is to fill out and use the Departmental Bookstore Charge Form.

  1. Download and fill out the fillable PDF from the link above, then print and sign.
  2. Take the completed form and the items you wish to purchase to the cash register to check out. 
  3. Be sure to have your APSU ID handy so that the Bookstore Staff / Management can check your ID and the items to purchase. 
  4. The Bookstore Staff / Management will make a copy of the form to keep and give you back the original along with a cash register receipt. 
  5. Once your is complete make sure to submit your cash register receipt and Payment Authorization in the Govs e-Shop for Accounts Payable to process for payment within 3 business days. 



Bookstore Contact Information
Clarksville Campus Bookstore: (931) 221-6704 or (931) 221-6705
Ft. Campbell Campus Bookstore: (931) 221-1461
Website: http://apsu.bncollege.com/
Email: apsubookstore@apsu.edu