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So you wanna buy a telescope...

So you want to get serious about observing? Start with a good pair of binoculars. There are lots of places where binoculars can be purchased (some of the vendors below also sell binoculars). Once you have learned the sky with binoculars, you're ready to move up to a telescope. What kind of telescope you get is very much a personal choice, kind of like buying a car. A good starting telescope is one with a Dobsonian mount, you will get the largest aperture size for your money. (Remember, what really matters when buying a scope is aperture size, that is light gathering ability -- the bigger the better.  Never buy an astronomical telescope on its magnification, it doesn't matter!)  Below are links to the three major manufacturers of amateur telescopes and several reputable online vendors. They will gladly send you catalogues and any other information you want. Happy viewing!

Meade Telescopes Celestron Telescopes Orion Telescopes
Astronomics/Christophers Oceanside Photo & Telescope Scope City