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Living Gallery Program


Look for a lot more art activity on campus this year! The Department of Art is launching a comprehensive program of publicly viewable student studios, site specific sculpture, lectures and popup shows around campus for the 2012-2013 school year called the Living Gallery Program.

The Living Gallery Program comprises four interactive modes: gallery as laboratory, hands-on artist projects, public events and educational opportunities through workshops and curricular classes. The program will be driven by a simple reassignment: to use our beautiful white cube university gallery space as a laboratory of artistic practice and discourse and to run the exhibition program throughout the University's most trafficked public spaces.

Upcoming Events:

  • Visiting Artist Projects by Mel Ziegler, Tucker & Christy, William Pope.L, Dahlia Elsayed, Andrew Demirjian, Lee Walton, Channel Two, Andrea Deszo, and Jason Rogenes.
  • Lectures by Alfredo Jaar, Kit Heinrichs and all of our Visiting Artists
  • Popup gallery exhibitions by Prof Billy Renkl, Prof Suta Lee, Prof Paul Collins, Chicago artist Anna Wagner
  • Public workshops by Prof Cindy Marsh and the Goldsmith Press, and Empty Bowls
  • First Thursdays receptions at Trahern studios and all around campus each month.

For a full list of upcoming events visit our Department of Art Events Calendar

The Art Department hopes to use the Living Gallery Program as a catalyst for increasing student engagement through the visual arts and to celebrate the vitality of art and the role of dialogue, risk taking and collaboration.

Check it out on our blog:

Come get involved! For questions on how to visit or participate in one of the great artist projects and workshops happening contact Gallery Director Paul Collins at or by phone at (931)221-7790.