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Project: Lee Walton

Over the course to two days, Lee Walton will be experiencing and reviewing 12 different public and private showers in Clarksville, Tennessee. Walton, a grown man, has showered nearly everyday of his life. He is a specialist.

For “Shower Reviews”, Walton becomes a domestic explorer. Through a sincere and methodological process, Walton will critically review a dozen different showers, bringing awareness to the subtleties of the shower experience. To ensure fairness, Walton will get dirty prior to each shower. Results of “Shower Reviews” will be on view at the artist website:

This experiential project is part of the Living Gallery Program at Austin Peay State University.

Public Artist Talk: February 26th, 5pm in the Department of Art at Austin Peay State University.

For more information contact Project Coordinator Bobby King: RKING@MY.APSU.EDU