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Are you receiving VA Education or Rehabilitation/Employment Benefits at least ¾ time? Have at least 12 months of benefits remaining? The position is a maximum of 25 hours a week (M-F with a few Sat., 0800 to 1630). The position is a VA entitlement program. For interested parties, please inquire at the APSU’s Veterans Affairs at the Ellington Bldg., Room 135 for the necessary paperwork.
Veterans Affairs - Clarksville Campus
Mike, Cris, Teia or Elizabeth
Apr 26 2016
Aug 1 2016
Students who plan to use available financial aid and/or lottery scholarship funds for summer classes, should complete an application for summer financial aid to determine eligibility. Please click on the link below for full details.
Student Financial Aid/Veterans Affairs
Terri Huth
Apr 21 2016
Jun 1 2016
Do you enjoy the Harry Potter films and the Dr. Who series? Are you a film and pop culture enthusiast? Do you need upper division elective hours? If so, this is the class for you. Join us this fall for a Special Topics class focused on the significant impact of the worlds of Harry Potter and Dr. Who on Popular Culture, Film and TV.
Tracy Nichols
Apr 7 2016
Jun 10 2016