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Campus Housing

Students study in residence hall

Go Learn. Go Live. Go Play.

Hanging out with roommates. An early-morning jog across campus. Midnight pizza-and-exam crams with suitemates. Screaming your head off with your friends at a game. It’s all part of the campus housing experience–and you should be a part of it.

Living on campus adds another dimension to your college experience–and your life. Fact is, college roommates and suitemates aren’t just buddies for a semester; they’re often friends for life.

Living on campus is convenient. Classes are just a quick stroll away, as are the library, bookstore and the campus coffee shop and food court. And did you know studies show campus residents typically have higher grades than their off-campus peers? It’s true.

Living on campus is smarter, more convenient and more fun!

Crunch the Numbers

When you compare the cost of living off campus to the cost of living on campus, it’s easy to see why so many students choose our residence halls. On average, students living on campus save about $450 a month compared to students who live off campus!

Amenities Galore

Good housing is more than a good bed. That’s why Austin Peay housing facilities include all the comforts of home at no additional cost.

For more information on housing option at APSU, please visit http://www.apsu.edu/housing/.