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Economic Modeling Software

As part of the Title III grant initiative, economic modeling software tools from Emsi Burning Glass have been provided to the APSU campus. Emsi Burning Glass is a data analytics firm that extensively collects and integrates labor market information. Emsi Burning Glass has developed user-friendly tools that provide into insights employment trends, labor market needs, and the relationship between degree programs and occupations.  These tools support students in career exploration and help them to understand important connections between degree pathways, career options, and labor market needs.    

Click on the links below to explore the EMSI tools and their functions. Used collectively, these tools will not only help attain the goals of the Title III grant but will also provide many benefits to all APSU students, faculty, and staff.

Analyst     Career Coach     Alumni Outcomes     Skillabi



Request Reports

Coming Soon! Request information and work with our data coordinator to data dive into programs and career outcomes. This information may be  useful for marketing programs and recruiting potential students. Using Analyst, conduct program reviews and explore the need for new programs. Contact Karen Runyon for more information and schedule a meeting to discuss your data needs.