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Academic Notify

Academic Notify is a system that Austin Peay State University that is designed to help students understand their current performance in their course. They can receive positive or negative feedback from their professors within this system.

Academic Notify includes:

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I received an Academic Notify - what do I do?

Depending on what the academic notify is, you have a few main options that you can look into.

If the notify requires you to improve performance..

Recommendation 1. Contact your academic professor of that course and discuss options for academic improvement

Recommendation 2.Contact your academic advisor to discuss how to grow 

How to Find your Academic Advisor

Recommendation 3.Contact the Office of Undergraduate Persistence

Office of Undergraduate Persistence Website

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I have a student, staff, or faculty member I would like to nominate for the Academic Spotlight. How do I do that?

Nominating a member of our university is an important element to our ability to recognize a student, staff, and faculty each month for their excellence in the academic journey. Nominating them is simple, visit the page below and submit your nomination. Enrollment and Student Achievement will review your submission, and they may reach out to you regarding your nomination to get more information.

Academic Spotlight

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