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Office of Information Technology

Hello. My name is Barbara Tucker, Client Services Manager in the Office of Information Technology. I'm responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the Govs Tech Help Desk, whose mission is to enable and enhance APSU processes using technology. This includes taking a progressive stance in providing students, faculty, and staff with reliable technology tools. In support of this mission, we will collaborate with other departments within the university to understand the technological needs of faculty, staff, and students. Deliver professional and thoughtful service to our clients by providing an informative, supportive first of contact in access to reliable technology, demonstrate technical and operational excellence, the recommitment to professionalism and continuous improvement. We assist with computer related issues and provide support for all university hardware and software, campus connectivity, telephones, classroom technology, computer labs, and printing. We can assist with project facilitation and management as well. We have an extensive website at govstech.apsu.edu, that lists our services and knowledge base. We are located in the center of campus and the Morgan University Center lobby. You will be directed to our service catalog during your OIT online orientation. The OIT online orientation will provide you with the Essentials for all your technology-related needs. You will explore things like Account Management, Information Technology, Security, faculty resources, hardware recommendations, classroom technology, Microsoft Teams, and remote tools and services. In the Account Management section, we'll cover how to use your single sign-on credentials to access OneStop email and wireless.

We have one wireless network at APSU. Wireless will be accessible on any of your mobile devices, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones on main campus in Fort Campbell. Information security is a shared responsibility of all members of the Austin Peay State University community and is critical to the university success. The Information Technology Security section will cover the university's password requirements, updating your password, unlocking your account, and setting up multi-factor authentication. You will also learn how to identify and report phishing and spam emails. This section will conclude what the best practices identified by our information technology security team and how to contact them if needed.

The faculty resources section will allow you to explore a list of all the current software titles that the university has purchased or provide. Office 365 is free to all employees on their personal devices. You must use your single sign-on credentials to access the Govs Tech portal to request assistance with software installation on a personal or university device. The university does not provide hardware for adjunct faculty. However, any faculty member teaching an APSU course should have updated hardware that meets the minimum system requirements outlined in the hardware recommendation section. Apple and Dell offer educational discounts for APSU employees. Additional information can be found by visiting the employee discount section of the Human Resources page.

There are only two types of audio visual controls in the classrooms on our campuses, they are different in construction, but similar in how they work. In the classroom technology session, you will learn how to operate these two control panels. We offer audio visual training for individuals and groups. Training can be requested through our service catalog. Now, more than ever, collaboration is important as we navigate our New Normal. Microsoft Teams is an easy to use application that works within Office 365. You can collaborate with your colleagues on documents, spreadsheets, project plans, schedule meetings, chat, video call, Share Files, and even join Zoom meetings. This section directs you to several training videos developed by Microsoft to allow you to explore all the benefits and features of this application. Check with your supervisor to see if there's a Team set up within your department.

In response to COVID-19, we implemented several new service offerings to ensure our employees could transition seamlessly from the office to home. While you may primarily work remotely in an agile capacity, we still wanted to provide you with a list of the services that we have available. Let's recap our session with a few important reminders and takeaways. You will be required to complete the OIT orientation. Make sure you have access to all of our systems to include one-stop email and D2L prior to the start of the semester. Make sure you have adequate hardware to be able to teach your course. Visit the HR webpage for employee discounts should you need to purchase new hardware, put in a service requests through the Govs Tech portal for any of your technology needs at least two weeks prior to the start of the semester. This includes software installation request for labs or classrooms that you may be teaching in on campus. You can contact us Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM at (931) 221-HELP or (931) 221-4357. Email us at govstech@apsu.edu and a ticket will be created for you. Feel free to bookmark our website, stop by our office or call us if you need assistance. Thank you for watching. Please don't hesitate to contact me directly at tuckerb@apsu.edu or my team at govstech@apsu.edu if you need additional assistance.

The Office of Information Technology's mission within the University is to enable and enhance essential university processes using technology. This includes essential university processes using technology. This includes taking a progressive stance in providing students, faculty and staff with reliable technology tools. 

In support of this mission, we will:

Remote Tools and Services

COVID-19 has presented it's share of challenges. However, we are able to provide several tools and services to prevent the disruption of learning and allow all employees to work remotely in a virtual environment. 

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a service that works with the Office 365 tools you use already so you can collaborate with your teammates when writing documents, creating spreadsheets, working on project plans, scheduling meetings, or sending email. A group will have its own email address.

You don't have to worry about manually assigning permissions to all those resources because adding members to the group automatically gives them the permissions they need to the tools your group provides. 

Access Microsoft Teams training videos here

Classroom Technology

At APSU thre are two types of Aucio Visual controls in the classrooms. They are different in construction but similar in how they work. Click here for a detailed overview of how to use these controls. 

If you are interested in signing up for mulitmedia training, click here

Faculty Resources

Various software products are available for faculty use based upon role and availability. All faculty, staff and students will have access to Office 365 for free on personal devices, while select software is available via the GovsTech Portal. you must use your Single Sign On credentials to access the GovsTech Portal. We have devised a list of all the current software titles available for university owned computers. 

To access the faculty resources webpage, including the Office 365 download, click here. If you have a Mac, follow this link to install software with the Self Service app. 

IT Security

Information security is a shared responsibility to all members of the Austin Peay State University community and is critical to the university's success. The Office of Information Technology is committed to preserving the availability, confidentiality and integrity of APSU information technology resources by improving the identification and management of threats and vulnerabilities, fostering resilient and safe computing environments for the university community, and promoting a campus wide security awareness and culture. 

The following links will take you to various OIT web pages to assist in all things IT security related. 

Account Management

We have good news for you! You will only need one username and password to log in to all the technology systems (i.e., OneStop, email, LinkedIn Learning, Zoom, wireless, etc.). You may hear this referred to as "single sign-on." Do not share your login information with anyone. 


OneStop is our university portal that will allow you to access several of our resources in a central location. Wihtin OneStop you can access items such as email, Web Self-Service, and D2L. OneStop is available via any web browser on a computer, tablet, smartphone, or other mobile device. Instructions for logging in to OneStop can be found here


Your university email can be accessed on mulitple device types and platforms. Keep in mind every 120 days you will be required to update your email password. Only add our email account to devices that you use on a routine basis. 


All employees connect to the APSU wireless network. You MUST be on an APSU campus to access the APSU wireless network. You will use your OneStop credentials to access the wireless network. 

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