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Past Events Fall 2014-Spring 2015

Spring 2015

4/29/15 WNDAACC Student Appreciation Day

4/23/15 Hot Topic: Qualities of a Good Man/Woman

4/21/15 5th Annual Peay Soup Spoken Word Competition

4/6-9/15 LGBT Black Film Series

4/1/15 FREE Lunch and Conversation

3/31/15 Life @ The Peay

3/4/15 FREE Lunch and Conversation

2/25/15 Govs Connection Career Networking Event and Internship Fair

2/24/15 African American Civil Rights Speech Reenactment Competition

2/10/15 Black History Month Keynote Speakers:

Four Black Doctors

2/5/15 Capoeira Demonstration

2/4/15 FREE Lunch and Conversation

2/3/15 John F. Baker presents

The Lives of African American Slaves on Wessyngton Plantation

Fall 2014

12/3/14 FREE Lunch & Conversations

12/2/14 Peay Soup & Speaker's Corner

11/20/14 Peay Soup & Speaker's Corner

Hot Topic: "Our Kind of People"

Splintering of Black America 11/18/14

11/12/14 Resume & Career Advice Table

11/10/14 Peay Soup & Speaker's Corner

4th Annual Homecoming Mixer

11/5/14 Peay Soup & Speaker's Corner

11/5/14 FREE Lunch & Conversations

10/22/14 Hot Topic: Diversity Film Series "12 Years a Slave" Screening

10/16/14 Peay Soup & Speaker's Corner

Meet & Greet with Peay Read Keynote Luma Mufleh 10/9/14

10/1/14 Free Lunch & Conversations

NEH Film Screening "Slavery by Another Name"

9/26/14 Peay Soup & Speaker's Corner

NEH Film Screening "Freedom Riders"

Capoeira Angola Palmeras: Capoeira Presntations and Demonstrations

Peay Soup with Speaker's Corner 9/17/14

NEH Film Screening "The Loving Story"

Peay Soup with Speaker's Corner 9/12/14

Hot Topic: HIV & Safer Sex Program

NEH Film Screening "The Abolitionists"


9/3/14 Free Lunch & Conversations


Peay Soup & Party on the Plaza