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The WNDAACC library provides items such as books, journals, articles, audio, visual resources and reference materials available for students and any members of the APSU community to check out for a 3-week period. Please see the link below for available resources.


Book Donations Needed


Our library is growing and becoming an invaluable resource to our students!

Please donate books, CDs, and DVDs related to African American Culture that are:

For more information on how to donate books, or about the Center's library resources, please contact the WNDAACC at aacc@apsu.edu or call (931) 221-7120.

Thank you for your support.

Library Check-Out/Check-In Procedures


Requirements for Checking-Out Library Materials:

 -Need a copy of APSU student ID.

-Student needs to fill out forms provided by the WNDAACC.

 During Your Possession of Library Materials:

-Library materials are put on loan for THREE (3) WEEKS at a time.  You may renew your items as many times as you would like.

-DO NOT damage or write in the materials.

-DO NOT loan or share library materials to anyone. You are the only person allowed to use the materials.

 Requirements for Checking-In Library materials:

 -Must be checked-in or renewed by the due date listed on the library form.

-Must be in GOOD condition.

-Nothing damaged or lost. (If so, the student might have to pay a fee to repair it of replace it).

-All materials borrowed MUST be turned in.

***NOTE: If these terms are not met, you will have a hold on your account until paid for. Also, you will not be able to check out any books for the duration of your attendance at APSU.***