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Jadyn DeWald

Sonnet Granadas
            for Bill Evans
Six chords, then silence, then the world                      
  Was made. Just like my heart in its feeble                           
Birdcage. It was autumn. I listened with                  
  Eyes closed. Light strobing among leaves,
The phonograph crackling and popping
  As if your Trio with Symphony Orchestra
Was burning, Bill, right in the fireplace.
  Stone angel, little deep-thinking statuette— 
I was the dragonfly lighted in your hair,
  I was the moss around your demure ankle.   
A huddle of grass shivering as if afraid.
  Tell me, Bill: How did you do all of that?
How’d you make the yellow leaves fall,
nbsp; The pond, in slow motion, ripple inward?

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