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Zone 3 Index



Aal, Katharyn Machan. “Sabrina Peterson,” “Margaret Ryan” 1.2

Aarnes, William. “Gallant” 3.3

Ahlschwede, Margrethe. “How a Dead Man Speaks,” “Nothing Connected with Mothers Is Biodegradable” 9.1

Alberhasky, Peggy Sue. “Making Circles” 2.2

Alcala, Rosa. “My Country, My Wet Nurse,” “Domestic Poem #1,” “Domestic Poem #2” 25.2

Alessio, Carolyn. “Apparition in the Soup Kitchen” 9.1

Aldrich, Marcia. "The Stronger One," "Just These Kinds of Questions" (interview) 29.2

Alexie, Sherman. "Sonnet, with Elevation," "Sonnet, with Vengence" 26.2

Alford, John. "The Rule" 26.2

Allen, Boyd C. “Cover Enough To Sing” 1.1

Allen, Gilbert. “Commandments at Eleven” 2.1; “Almost” 3.3; “Watching It Die” 4.2; “Making Tea for the Millennium” 18

Albrizio, Connie. “I’m Going Back” 16

Allen, Paul. “The Day Spike Eisland Went Home” 8.2

Altfeld, Heather. "Travelogue of the Orphelines" 28.1

Anderson, Erik. “Heath Ledger is Dead” 23.2; "Flutter Point" 29.2

Andrews, Elizabeth W. “Tulip Bulbs” 13.1

Ankney, Christopher. "Two Starved Horses," "Brother Tongue" 29.1

Annucci, Marilyn. “Watery Thoughts” 8.1; “A Place to Call Home,” “Love on the Battleground” 10.2

anonymous (Finn) singer. “From Kanteletar (trans. by Jascha Kessler and Kirsti (Simonsuuri)” 3.1; “The Lonely Man,” “Why Bad Things Happen to Good People” 5.2

Anstett, Aaron. “House With No Chimney Windows Full of Smoke,” “Cheap Drinks, Loads of  Talent” 10.1; "A Legacy" 30.1

Armantrout, Rae. “Versed,” “Results,” “Unbidden” reprinted 24.2; “Another Definition of Lyric is Attention”

Armstrong, Mary. “All the Possibilities” 8.2

Arnold, Chip. “Having My Say” 15.2

Asaph, Philip. “Some Freaky Girl Some Freaky Winter” 25.2

Asher, Mark. “Da Vinci” 8.2

Asta, L. M. "Race Track" 28.1

Atkinson, Charles. “First Secret,” “Reading Others’ Epiphanies,” “Just Stand Up” 5.2; “Haircut,” “Hindsight” 9.2; “Waiting for Vermont,” “Where the Imagination Can Go: My Brother Loses a Wife,” “Separation” 10.2; “Late Ecstasy, Route 90” 14.1

Atkinson, Michael. “Rapunzel,” “An Island in the Sound” 10.1; “Butterflies,” “My Left Eye,” “Half Sister” 16; “Dashboard Highball,” “This Year’s Marriage Poem” 21.1

Auchter, Amanda.  “St. John's Eve” “The Heel String Gang” 26.1

Avery, Brian. “Driving Without a Map” 8.2


Babcock, Squire. "Hearts on Fire" 29.1

Backstrom, Kirsten. “Holes,” “Wing” 9.1

Bagnell, Bruce. "The Peculiar Circumstance of the Parking Garage Level Minus 3" 30.1

Baker, David. "Hyper-," "Morning and Afternoon" reprinted 28.1; "The Colloquial, the Intense Voice" 28.1

Baker, Hannah. “Newton: Axioms, or the Laws of Motion, 1686” 21.2

Banning, Elizabeth. “Watershed” 22.2

Barber, Sarah. "Color Fictionalism," "Doorstop," "Cinnamologus" 30.1

Barks, Coleman. “A Walk in the Botanical Garden,” “Early Spring Evening,” “When I Sleep,” “Green Rocks,” “Kindling,” “A Water Tower,” “A Wish,” “A Life-Dream” 4.3; “Witness” 25.2

Bassett, Fred. “Waiting for Rain and Redemption” 15.1

Barnes, Jim. “Hunting Winding Stair Mountain” 3.3

Barrows, Anita. “Miscarriage” 7.2

Bauer, Joan E. “Flight Surgeon Colonel John Paul Stapp The Fastest Man in the World” 22.2

Baxter, Bart E. “Women in Hats” 13.1

Beede, Gayle Jansen. “At the Gravesites, Willits” 3.3; “What Isn’t Lost” 5.2

Belair, Mark. "The Pocket Watch," "Playgroup" 30.2

Bell, Bridget. “They’ve Spotted Funnel Clouds” 25.2

Bell, Francesca. "Field Trips" 29.2

Benedict, Elinor. “Meditation on an Alabaster Egg,” “At Ease” 8.2

Best, B.J. "the men who think they are glaciers," "duckweed" 29.1

Bhuyan, Shanti. “Dehorning Calves” 5.2

Bilgere, George. “Wanton Boys,” “HBO,” “Stampede” 6.2

Bill, Jim. “What the Cool Roots Give” 8.1; “Prunes” 10.2; “Account,” “Vacation” 11.2

Black, Candace. “Favorite View: Southwest From the Kitchen” 18

Black, David. “Carving a Gunstock: For My Brother” 9.2

Blackman, Sarah. "Where My Fathers Died" 26.2

Blasi, Daniel. “To a Turtle” 20.1

Blevins, Adrian. "Bloodline," "This Little Catalogue of Losses," "Memo" 27.2

Bloodworth, Stuart. “For Penny, My Student Worker,” “Shiloh,” “County Fair,” “Why I Write Poetry” 15.1

Bloom, Ester. "The Gun in the Anne Klein Shoebox" 26.2

Blumenthal, Jay. “Dark Passage” 4.3; “Burning the Train” 5.3; “Reunion” 6.3

Blumenthal, Michael. “A Photo of Terezin,” “Le Choix” 20.1; “And After an Earthquake of Such Magnitude, What Can Be Said About the Gods,” “And the Dark Has Encapsulated the Nighttime, and the Trees Are Gone,” “And I Shall Cling to the Romance of Unattainable Love,” “And It Has All Come to Nothing, My Weeping and Railing” 20.2

Bly, Bill. “My Father Loved His Death,” “Ashes” 10.2

Boe, Marilyn J. “Undressing” 6.3

Boes, Don. “Shoes,” “Snow Angel” 10.1

Bohac, Janet. “Refugees” 9.1

Bond, Bruce. "Purity," "The Visible," "The Desert Fathers," "Oracle" 26.2; "The Night" 28.1; "The Falling Sickness," "Blindsight" 29.2

Borden, William. “Greenspeak” 1.1

Bosch, Daniel. “The Second Coming” 4.2

Boss, Todd Ryan. “My Father Finally Messed Up a Job” 9.2

Bowers, J. “A Contest Featuring Human Beings” 21.1

Bowers, Neal. “Cemetery Vandals,” “On the Elvis Mailing List” 2.1; “Quantities,” “Intensive Care,” “The Midway,” “Legend” 3.1; “Singing Dixie,” “Spells,” “Dinner with the Amnesiac” 4.2; “Confederates,” “Sugar,” “Heroics,” “Commission” 9.1

Bowling, Sam. “Namesake” 5.2

Boyd, Robing. “Edges” 10.2

Boyle, Kevin. "First Life, Then Death" 30.1

Bradbury, Jamey. “Ndahafa” 26.1

Brant, Beth. “Stillborn Night” 12.2

Bratten, April Michelle. "Love is all we ever had (and it was always enough)" 30.2

Brauer, Barbara Swift. “Lap Swimming” 24.1

Braverman, Madelyn. “The Accident” 1.1

Bray, Tara. “Several Mornings While Running the Dark Streets,” “To the Ruddy Duck During Hard Times” 25.1

Breeden, Susan. “Gift of Flight” 23.1

Brenna, Duff. “Shipping Curious” 2.2

Brewer, Gaylord. “On the Language of Demons” 14.1

Bridges, Grace Caroline. “On Mallory Docks” 5.1

Broadhurst, Nicole. “To My Father, Sparing Him,” “Last Night in Jamaica” 3.3

Brockett-Devine, Mary-Lou. “Kosher Dills,” “The Shadow Speaks” 14.1

Brody, Polly. “Ursus horribilis” 4.3; “Passing on Main” 8.1

Brouwer. Joel. “Inevitable” 12.1; “Confession of the Prison Cook” 12.2

Brown, Bill. “Wood Carving” 1.1

Brown, Deborah. "It's Time," "Snow" 30.2

Brox, Jane. “Farmer,” “Townscape” 6.3  

Bruchac, Joseph. “A World” 2.2; “Picking Brussells Sprouts in December” 4.2

Bryant, Susan. “New Mexico Sky Series” 23.2

Buckley, Christopher. "Chaos Theory" 28.1

Budy, Andrea Hollander. “Dawn” 3.2; “The House at 2829 West 27th” 4.2; “Poem for My Brother, Manager of a Go-Go Bar in Roselle Park, New Jersey” 5.2

Buisson, Justine. “The Burren and the Irish as ‘Sublime and Beautiful’” 14.1

Bull, Ed. "Subtraction" 26.2

Burkard, Michael. “The Constable,” “If You Please,” “The Sunday,” “The Job,” “Clothes Which Are Moonlit,” “The Blueberry Money,” “The Man Who Made the Wallet,” “Two,” “Star Held in Eye” 5.3

Burns, Cullen Bailey. “Looking for Lebanon,” “The Tightest Ring” 5.1; “Tense” 23.2

Burrows, E.G. “Checklist for the Maintenance Staff” 5.1; “A Recitation for Short Days” 7.2; “Across the Sound” 21.1

Burton, Leasa. “My Father and the Fortune Teller” 7.3

Busch, Trent. “Copperhead” 4.1

Byrne, Michelle. “Grapes” 12.1


Cadnum, Michael. “The City of Flood,” “Cherry Valley,” “Abiding” 18

Cairns, Scott. “Yellow” 4.2

Calbert, Cathleen. “Beyond the Power of Positive Thinking” 8.2; “Morphine” 14.1

Callahan, Jennifer. “American Music in India” 14.1

Campbell, Robert. "Song of the Lepidopterist," "In the Herald of Improbable Misfortunes," "What the Giant Squid Sees," "Playing with the Dark: Nancy Eimer's Oz" (review) 28.1; "The Thunder of Our Histories: Revising the Storm by Geffrey Davis (review) 29.2; "Adam Tavel, Plash and Levitation" (review) 30.2

Cantwell, Kevin. “Salt” 12.1

Carlson-Bradley, Martha. “Properties of Matter” 18, “Attaining the True Reading,” “R” 26.1

Carson, Julia. “What Might Show Up Again” 1.1

Carson, Ricks. “Answer” 8.1

Carter, Jared. “Picking Stone” 16

Carter, Michaela. “Wanting More of Her” 22.2

Carter, Tamara. “None of This Can Be Explained” 10.1

Cartwright, Keith. “Canal Street Exit” 6.3; “Bucketful of Blues” 8.1

Case, Jennifer. "The Deckled Edge" 30.2

Casey, Alicia. “Stripping My Recollection,” “Our Lady of Tennessee Christian” 23.1

Caskie, Mark. “Japanese Print” 7.1

Cecil, Richard. “December Song” 1.2; “Suburban Dream” 2.2; “Breakfast at Forty-Two” 3.2

Chamberlain, Steve. “Trapping Birds” 7.2

Chapman, Sean. “Waves of Distance” 11.2

Chatfield, Mary P. “Simile” 21.1

Chávez, Lisa D. “Loss, or the Moment Just After,” “Stormy Windows,” “Toby in the Garden” 20.2

Chávez, John. “Autobiography of Cut Paper” 26.1

Chertok, Alex. "Child watching a nature documentary." 29.2

Christina, Martha. “On Thin Ice” 1.2; “Crib Notes” 2.2; “From the Night Garden, the Eggplant Speaks” 3.3; “Inheritance,” “No Pretending,” “Before and After Dolores” 4.1; “Driving,” “Night Sledding,” “At Blithewold Gardens, Off-Season” 7.2

Christianson, Noah. “Exculpation” 14.1

Chitwood, Michael. “Charon at the Esso” 5.2; “The Short Bridges into Evening” 6.3; “Potent, the Bottles,” “Wisteria,” “In the Grain” 25.2

Churney, Kyle. “The Time in Ireland” 25.1

Chute, Stephen. “Fixing Things,” “The Chair” 7.2; “The Parents Below” 9.1

Citro, Christopher. "The Construction of a Massive Concrete Dam" 30.2

Clark, Kevin. "The Divorced Vet Teaches His Daughter How to Surf" 30.2 

Clark, Matt. “Devil’s Food” 13.2

Clark, Patricia. “Risen from the Underworld” 24.2

Clompus, Brad. “Wading, Block Island” 18

Coats, Robert. “The Time I Drowned” 12.1

Cofer, Judith Ortiz. “Seizing the Day” 2.1

Cohen, Bruce. “Beautiful Eunice” 7.3

Colburn, Don. “At Kennedy & Georgia” 8.2; “As If Gravity Were a Theory” 10.2; “The Hill” 13.1

Coleman, Ralph S. “To Price’s Store” 11.2

Collier, Taylor. "Hysterical," "The Man Upstairs" 30.2

Comerford, Will. “The Famous” 23.1

Conley, Francine. “Kin” 14.1

Contogenis, Constantine. “Silt” 21.1

Cooke, Robert P. “Christmas Trip” 10.1

Cooper, Truman M. “For Anorectics Who Follow a White Bird,” “The White Clown” 2.1; “Beyond Hansel and Gretel,” “The Blue Room” 4.2; “Dancing with the Leader of the Blue Moon Band” 5.2; “Talking to an Old Stranger,” “A Phase of the Waxing Moon,” “Lipstick” 6.2; “Our New Act,” “Spanish Heard Through Oranges” 7.2

Cooperman, Robert.  “Samuel Taylor Coleridge Remembers His Brother Francis,” “Solomon Gordon, on the Brink of Oregon’s Statehood, 1858,” “The Family Tree of Kevin Michael   Joyce” 3.3; “First Names,” “Summer, 1952,” “Hiding a Jewish Family in Poland during World War II” 4.3; “Sylvia Williams, Boarding House Owner (Silver Dollar,Colorado Territory, 1881)” 6.3; “Homes” 15.1

Cordova, Steven. “At the North Sea” 21.2

Corey, Stephen. “The Worst Dream” 2.2

Cortese, Katie. “Bitter, Sweet, Salt” 20.2

Coshnear, Daniel. “New Job” 15.2

Cosgrove, Kay. “A Perfect Animal” 26.1

Cost, Mary Coolidge. “Here” 14.1

Coughlin, Steven. "My Admirer" 30.2

Coulehan, Jack. “Finches” 3.3

Courtright, Nick. “Trespass” 21.2

Cowser, Robert. “To the Valedictorian of the Class” 4.2; “The Widows at Home” 10.1; “A Father Writes His Son in the Army” 13.1

Cox, Andrew. “The Picture Show” 4.2

Cox, Dinah. “Remarkable” 24.2

Coyne, Peter. “Men Measure Other Men,” “July 3rd” 2.1

Crane, Julia. "Twelfth Spring" 30.2

Crenshaw, Paul. "Excerpts, Pictures, Lightning, and Thunder" 30.1

Crone, Moira. "Cruel Things" 29.2

Crooker, Barbara. “Scattered Frost” 5.2; “Zero at the Bone” 19

Crooks, Joan. “Talisman” 10.1

Crutchfield, John. “The Art of Persuasion,” “A Note on the Author,” “Criticism,” “Literary Agent,” “Sonnet” 21.2

Cummings, Darcy. “What Love Was Like at Gloucester City Pool,” “Coming Home Late” 11.2

Cutter, Weston. "In the Evidence Room" 30.2


Dacey, Patrick. “Earth and Mars” 25.1

Dacey, Philip.  “Everything in Perfect Lion,” “Boy,” “Endpapers” 3.2; “Lifeboats” 14.1; “His Life with Poetry” 21.1

Daigon, Ruth. Every herring hangs by its own head” 6.3; “Natural Progression” 9.1

Dale, Janet. "A Lesson in Proxemics" 30.2

Daly, Mary Anne. “Shorthand,” “Syria, VA” 3.2; “The Vine” 6.3

Dancing Bear, J.P. “Uncertainty Principle” 19

Dangel, Leo. “The Poet,” “The Woman at the Dig” 15.1; “After Heavy Spring Rains” 10.1

Daniel, John. “The European Birch,” “Moment,” “A Modern Man Speaks of Animals,” “Nocturnal,” “In Praise,” “The Word,” “A Prayer Among Friends” 7.3

Daniels, Jim. “Brief Miracle of the Driveway” 20.1; “Good Intentions,” “Raw Science” 21.2; “Making a Case for the Letter” 25.1; "The Predictable Nature of Tragedy" 30.1

Darcher, Michael. “Exotic Animal Paradise” 22.2

Darian, Ron. "Rumblings of the Fellow Traveler" 28.1

Darr, Ann.  “Grandma in Her Tulip Bed” 3.3

Davis, Barbara. “Down From Jubal’s Ferry” 7.2

Davis, Ed. “Low Rent Blues” 3.3

Davis, Jesica Carson. "Cycle (October)" 30.2

Davis, John M. “Weatherman” 16

Davis, Pamela. "Aubade to Las Vegas," "Root over Feather" 29.2

Davis, Peter. “Having Raymond Carver Write Your Poem for You” 19

Davis, Susanne. “The Painted Lady” 18

DeBlassie, Katherine. “The Train in the Morning” 21.2

deCourcy, Lynn H. “Apology,” “The Good Child” 4.3; “Exposure” 6.1; “Tracking,” “Sunday Afternoon,” “Blue Hills,” “Vision” 7.1; “In Season,” “Mercy” 7.3; “The Visit” 9.1

Dehmel, Richard.  “Manche Macht” 2.1

De Jarnatt, Steve. “Exit Left” 23.2

de la Paz, Oliver. "Gilberta, Trotting, Change to Running," "Charging Bayonet" 27.2

Delea, Mary Christine. “For Those Who Drive on Bad Tires” 25.1

DeLong, K. “This is Kerry” 15.2

Depta, Victor. “Haggard Poem” 3.3; “Pear Tree in Autumn” 10.2

Derge, William. “Like a Slow Fist Out of the Night,” “Early Freeze Coincides with Peace Accords” 13.1

Desy, Peter. “The Leap,” “Learning the Names” 4.1; “Last Flight” 7.3

Deutsch, Laynie Tzena. “There” 1.1

DeWald, Jaydn. “Sonnet Granadas” 26.1

Dickinson, Patricia. “In the Valley of the Shadow,” “A Day Like This” 7.2

Dickinson, Stephanie. “Formula” 20.1

Dietrich, Bryan. “The Eight-Thousand Years Between Us,” “The Bodies of the Trees” 13.1

Dillon, Andrew. “Working” 4.1; “Down Any Runway” 5.3

Diovisalvo, Dellana. “The First Time I Heard the International” 23.1

DiSalvatore, Bryan. “Inkom, Idaho” 18

Dobozy, Tomas. “On the Joys of Reading Realism,” “Hinges,” “Apocrypha” 21.1

Doehr, Daniel J. “The Sound of the Small Accordian” 24.1

Doherty, Kristin. “There Is More To Be Done” 23.1

Domina, Lynn. “Watching from Outside” 2.2; “The Magician’s Desire,” “Distance” 3.2;    “Domestic Violence,” “The Adopted Child” 5.3; “Luminaries in the Dome of the Sky,” “Every Kind of Plant” 21.1; “Peregrination” 23.1

Domini, John. “A Museum, a Thought, and Priam’s Luck” 23.1; from Cooking the Octopus 28.1

Donaghy, Daniel. “The Kiss,” “Walking to First Grade” 24.1

Donnelly, Patrick and Stephen D. Miller. "8 Translations of Classical Japanese Poems" 28.1

Donovan, Gerard. “Last Farmers’ Market Before Spring” 8.1

Doreski, William. “February Blizzard in Keene,” “Terms of Pastoral,” “Norcross Quarry,” “The Moon’s Single Blossom,” “Six Big Storms,” “Turtle Things” 2.2

Drager, Lindsey. "Disclosure" 29.1

Duffin, K.E. “Parkchester Playground” 20.2

Dugger, Stephanie. “Either Way You’re Done,” “Call and Response” 24.2

Duhamel, Denise. “Easy” 6.3; “Noctilucae” 12.1

Dungey, Christopher. “Nothing to Dread” 19

Durica, P. Genesius. “Survival Mode” 25.1

Dyer, Linda. “Emporium of Design: Tattoos and Body Piercing” 4.2


Ebert, Gwen. “Three Points Hill,” “Road to Woodburn” 10.1

Echelberger, M.J. “Mouth of the River” 9.2

Edelman, Barbara. “The Writing of Desire,” “The Day They Drowned the Baby Bird,” “A Girl in Water” 12.1

Edmondson, Bill. "Two Paintings by Winslow Homer" 29.2

Edwards, Lynnell. “The Science of Seventh Grade” 24.2

Eimers, Nancy. “On Not Talking Politics with My Sister,” “You are Hereby Notified,” “Infant Sight, or Thirty-four Lines Set Adrift” 20.2; “Reading the Ice,” “Trapped Miners‘May Not Be Found,’” “Derby Winner Clings to Chances for Recovery,” “How We Thought About Toys” 24.2

Ekholm, John. “The Sound of Bees Making Honey” 4.1

Eklund, George. “Waking My Children,” “Of Hands and Prayers” 8.1

Eliot, Eileen. “how to tell if a book is real” 2.1

Elledge, Jim. “606 E. Front St., Bloomington, IL 61701,” “This Morning I Woke in Normal, IL,   and Thought:” 3.3; “Heaven,” “Rua de Sao Pedro, the Alfama: Marker Day..,” “Their Hats Is Always White” 5.1

Elliott, Okla. “On Perfection” 25.2

Elyshevitz, Alan. “Amsterdam Blues” 20.2

Ebert, Toby. “Reluctant” 21.1

Engel, Laura Eve. “In an Art Gallery, I am Moved to Contemplate Pack Animals” 25.1

England, Andrea. Remarriage" 29.2

Engler, Robert Klein. “Old Movies” 2.1

Entrekin, Gail Rudd. “The Moths” 7.2

Ernst, Myron. “The Bargeman and the Girls Grown Tall” 4.1

Esteve, Jean. “Not a Pipe” 7.2; “The Small Box” 9.2; “Nightwatch” 14.1

Estreich, George. “Postcard From a Bicycle Trip #1” 7.1

Etter, Carrie. “The Father of No Sons,” “For My Mother” 5.3; “Okra” 7.2; “Thanksgiving,” “Letting You Go” 8.1; “A Falcon, A Storm, A Great Song,” “Mother’s Day” 10.1; “The Kiss,” “Memory and Desire,” “Birthright” 11.2; “Sacred Ground” 12.1; “Company Man” 13.1; “Chrysanthemums for October” 14.1

Etter, Dave. “Weeping,” “Blackboard,” “Diane,” “Blues Alphabet,” “Moon River,” “Fir Tree,” “Mary Ann’s Story,” “Fishing in the Rain” 2.1; “Neighborhood,” “Spooks,” “A Wish to Be on the Road,” Reception” 3.2; “Drink and Agriculture,” “Carnival,” “Up On Preacher’s Hill” 6.1

Eubanks, Scott. "Hill Bowling" 27.1


Fagan, Kathy. “How We Looked” 25.1

Falco, Edward. “Framed Picture on a Writing Desk” 3.1

Fargnoli, Patricia. “How to Hold on to the Magic of Fathers” 4.2; “Meditation at Bretton Woods,” “From Eleven Years Later” 8.1; “Rattler” 9.2; “From the Outpost: Fears at Fifty-Seven” 12.1

Farrar, Lawrence F. "A Man of High Purpose" 30.1

Farris, Nettie. “Pitcher of Water” 6.3

Felver, Brad. "Out of the Bronx" 30.2

Ferrarelli, Rina. “Walking Through the Falling Leaves” 16

Fike, Darrell. “Back By Noon” 5.2; “From the Uncertainty of September” 6.2; “Better Than Van Gogh”  14.1

Fillingham, George. “Like a Flute” 6.2

Finch, Susan. "Tell Yourself to Spilt" 30.1

Fincke, Gary. “The Pet Cemetery,” “Scratch Test,” “Shopping” 1.1; “Backing Over the Drunk,”   “The Time Throat,” “Airborne” 1.2; “Inkwells,” “Thanksgiving,” “U-Turn,” “Open Field Tackle,” “Working the Eighteen Inch Seam” 3.1; “No Rent, No Mortgage” 3.3; “From Memory,” “Commandments” 4.2; “The Lightening Tongues,” “The Wallet in the Mail,” “Ordering,” “The Appendix Hope” 5.1; “Mouthful,” “The Theories for Ball Lightning” 8.1; “The Air of Delicate Pastry,” “Just After The Girl Can’t Help It,” “The Back-list of Memory, Revised” 9.2; “Baseball, Medicine, the English Major,” “The Ghosts We Believe In,” “Good for Something” 12.1; “The Shooting” 15.1; “The Isometric Promise” 18

Fink, Thomas. “Sermon” 4.2

Finkel, Donald. “Orgy des Beaux Arts,” “Professor Emeritus,” “Nobody’s Keeper” 3.2

Finnegan, James. “The Barbershop Pet” 10.1; “A Desperate Red” 19

Finney, Ernest J. “The Strangler” 23.1

Fisher, Karen. “Early Platonism” 5.2

Fisk, Molly. “Missing Him, Suddenly,” “Kindness” 23.2

Flory, Sheldon. “Fire Water” 10.1

Fogel, Alice B. “Hope” 2.2

Fong, Peter. “Saint Francis Street” 19

Foster, Gina Rae. “Counterpoint, Penelope,” “Descant, Penelope, “Harmonics, Penelope, 21.2

Fowler, James. “Undertow” 18

Francisco, Edward. “Small Appetite,” “Visit” 10.1

Franco, Gina. “The Accidental” 23.2

Frank, Joan. “Savoir Faire, Savoir Vivre” 20.1

Frank, Matthew Gavin. "The Conflicted Archaeologies of Hoosier Cream Pie" 29.1

Frederiksen, Nancy E. “Aldona” 3.2

Freeman, Glenn. “The Telltale Leftovers” 25.1

Freisinger, Randall R. “Dead Language” 7.3

Friebert, Stuart. “Leaving,” “Do Not Turn to Ghosts” 2.1

Friedman, Jeff. "After the Trembling," "Flurry" 26.2; "A Word About My Famous Mentor," "Majesty" 27.2

Friman, Alice. “Turnip” 9.1

Frumkin, Gene. “Recomposition,” “Shelters,” “The Release,” “Trying Hard,” “The Volleyballers” 1.1; “Ceremony” 4.2

Futrell, R.L. “The King of the Lobsters” 15.2


Gaffney, M. Brett. "Six Flags" 29.2

Galvin, Martin. “Keeping Bees,” “Ox-eye Daisies” 15.1

Gardner, Geoffrey. “Another Spring” 10.2

Gardien, Kent. “Joanna” 7.2

Gardiner, Justin. “Meditation on the Body” 23.2

Garin, Marita. “Photograph from a Honeymoon” 20.2; “Meditation from an Upstairs Window” 24.1

Garland, Max. “A Barn near the Grahamville Fork,” “Because You Left Me a Handful of Daffodils,” “Losing a Town by the River” 4.3

Garropoli, Zac. “The 6:05” 12.1

Gaston, Patricia S. “A Meditation on Guys and Dogs” 12.1

Gavaler, Chris. "Who's Afraid?" 27.1

Gee, Melody S. “What they Saw,” “What You Remember” 20.2

Geiger, Timothy. “Hymn for Christmas” 6.1

George, Brandi. "Grace," "Lily and Gog" 30.1

German, Greg. “The Limestone Cowboy Duels a Stubborn Horse,” The Limestone Cowboy and   the Red Rooster,” “The Limestone Cowboy Searches for Cinderella,” “The Limestone Cowboy Talks at Dusk,” “The Limestone Cowboy, Me and Everything Else Sit Around a White Man’s Campfire” 2.1; “A Brave Farmer Goes to the Bank” 5.2

Gessner, Kathryn H. “Back in the Neighborhood Looking for Vivian” 6.2

Gibbons, Paul. “Winter Sunrise, Sierra Nevada, California 1944: Negative Capability” 21.1; “Stopping for the Night in Evanston, Wyoming,” “Tender Ship” 22.2

Gibbs, Thomas. "The Two-Headed Calf" 26.2

Gilliland, Mary. “Homework’s Bonus” 5.1

Glass, Malcolm. “In the Junk Yard” 20.2

Gleason, Kate. “Wintering Over” 14.1; “Wild Geese,” “Four Months After My Mother Dies, I Take My Father To The VA Hospital,” “Meteor Showers in August,” “The Last Keeper” 24.2

Gobbell, Phyllis. “Tellico” 16; "The Major's Wife" 27.2

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