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Women's and Gender Studies Minor

Students can pursue an 18-hour minor, providing them with 15 hours of courses and a 3-hour capstone seminar in Social Justice. The capstone seminar provides a framework of feminist and critical race readings and gives students the opportunity to design a research project of their choice, culminating in a traditional essay or activist project. The Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies or Intro to LGBTQ Studies serve as foundation courses to frame students' experience for subsequent courses.  The interdisciplinary minor preprares students for several professions, graduate studies, or social justice work.

Vision Statement 

The Women and Gender Studies Program supports students to develop as social justice activists in their homes, workplaces and communities.  Students develop as writers, speakers, and critical thinkers to apply an intersectional lens to navigate analyses that address gender, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, class, and physical and mental abilities in personal, local, national, and international contexts.