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Course Descriptions

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AAST 3000 - Africana Women Across Cultures
Examines the cross-cultural connections of women of African descent worldwide. In addition students will compare and contrast various womanist and feminist ideologies, i.e. Africana womanism, and Black feminism. Students will participate in experience-based learning projects to bring them closer to the culture of Africana women.

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BIOL 3200 Women and Science
This course is an interdisciplinary survey of women in science. Contributions of women scientists to the natural sciences will be studied; and using this historical context, students will consider broad social questions such as: Do barriers still exist for women/girls in science? How do cultural biases impact the objectivity of scientific studies?
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CHEM 3040 Contemporary Issues in Women's Health

Prerequsisite: Eight hours of natural sciences with grades of "C" or higher

This discussion-based course lies at the interface of science and gender studies.  Topics include hormone biochemistry and biophysics, reproductive biology and diseases, nutrition, mental illness, birth control, and reproductive toxicology.  Suitable for students interested in science, pre-professional health, and/or women's and gender studies.  Does not count toward the minor in chemistry.

COMM 4450 - Mass Media and Women
Historical overview of women reporters and mangers in U.S. media; examination of current portrayals of women and men in media news, entertainment and advertising; discussion of research into the influence of these portrayals on audience attitudes.

COMM 4470 - Race, Gender/Mass Media
This course will examine the current and historical portrayals of ethnic minorities and men and women in media news, entertainment, and advertising; the course will discus the research into the influence of these portrayals on audience attitudes.
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ENGL 340F - Women Writers
Examination of significant issues or topics reflected in women's literature from a variety of cultures and perspectives. Topics will be selected by individual instructors.

ENGL 340N - Gay and Lesbian Literature Across Cultures
Cross-cultural studies in gay and lesbian literature. Topics, approaches, and readings will vary with individual instructors.

ENGL 340R - Race and Gender at the Turn of the Twentieth Century
Examination of the way in which race and gender were constructed and construed in American culture from 1890 to 1914, through study of relevant fiction, nonfiction, and film.

ENGL 340W - Critical Studies in Women's Literature
Selected readings in Anglo-American women's literature with an emphasis on feminist, new historicist, and other contemporary critical approaches involving race, class, and gender issues.
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HIST 4670 Women in American History
The roles of women in the social, economic, and political development of the United States. Contributions of women and the historical significance of their attitudes in the liberal reform eras in American history.
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PM 3400 Women and Administration
The role of women in administration. A focus on the problems and opportunities in the workplace with the entrance of women in administration.
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POLS 4040 Women and Politics
The role of women in politics. Women and the political process, political institutions, and the public policy.

POLS 4330 Women and the Law
Examination how laws apply to women and when women are treated differently than men, 14th amendment, the Equal Pay Act, sexual harassment, privacy, and domestic violence.

POLS 4340 Family Law
Examination of the legal issues involved in marriage, divorce, child custody, child support, and adoption.
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PSY 3210 Psychology of Women
Examination of developmental characteristics of women, myths, and stereotypes, sex roles, sexuality, life styles, values, achievement motivation, power, mental health, and mental disorders in women. The empirical study of the psychological issues of women will be emphasized.
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SOC 3070 - Families Across Cultures

Cross-cultural, multicultural, and historical influences on family functions, structures, and behaviors; focusing on the recognition and understanding of cultural similarities and differences. 

SOC 3080 - Gender and Society

Gender and sexuality in American society and cross-culturally, with consideration to the role of gender in structuring identity, male/female interaction, and constraints on expanding opportunities. 

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THEA 4700 Topics in Women's Theatre
Topics include an intensive study of the script by Eve Ensler, "Vagina Monologues, which culminates in a production of the play on campus. This course increases awareness about violence against women, women's issues in an international context, women's spirituality and sexuality, and the perception of lesbianism in our society. Cross-listed with WS 3060.
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WGS 2050 - Women and Culture
Prerequisite: ENGL 1010. Required for Women's Studies Minor
An introduction to fundamental principles of women's studies, especially the cultural roles, depictions and experiences of women, past and present; the cultural constructions of gender; and the impact of feminist movements upon women's lives. We will address these themes across the broad spectrum of women's identities as they are constructed by region, nation, ethnicity, class, and sexual orientation.

WGS 300 - A, B, C Selected Topics in Women's Studies

Examination of a selected topic relevant to issues of women or gender, offered on a one-time basis.

WGS 3050 - Women in the Arts
An interdisciplinary, cross-cultural survey of women in the arts. Major emphasis on the visual arts and literature, with attention also to the performing arts. Topics include both the contributions and depictions of women in the arts.

WS 3060 - Vagina Monologues
An intensive study of Eve Ensler's script. This course examines women's sexuality, women's body history, spirituality, interpersonal violence, media representations, and LGBTQ issues in national and international contenxt. Students produe the play as a Service Learning Project and as part of the international VDAY movement.

WGS 3070 - Women and Film
This course examines women as subjects and objects in films, and women filmmakers. Students will develop analytical skills using feminist film theory through viewing Hollywood and independent films. Emphasis will be placed on analyzing films for constructions of gender, race, ethnicity, physical ability, sexual orientation and class dynamics.

WGS 3080 - Women's and Gender Studies Practicuum
Prerequisite: WS 2050, 6 hours of WS courses, and junior standing

Supervised professional and/or social justice work experience that synthesizes the student’s program of study. The student is responsible for negotiating with the director of women’s studies for placement. The student, faculty supervisor and professional or community supervisor will develop a contract of academic and placement responsibilities.

DIVR 4020 - Capstone Seminar in Social Justice
Prerequisite: WGS 2050. Required for Women's and Gender Studies Minor
Students will examine upper-division readings in feminist and critical race  theory, culminating in a research project and presentation.